Generator Energy Type in Human Design

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Generator Energy Type

This article describes the Human Design Generator Energy Type at a high level.

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What is an energy type in Human Design?

  • Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design.
  • It shows how we are supposed to exchange energy with the world around us. Everything in life is an energetic trade.
  • Each energy type has a specific way that energy should be exchanged with the world. We will have more flow when we use this energy correctly.
  • If we can master our energy type, we will encounter less resistance. The things that are meant for us will start to flow towards us.
Generator Energy Type

Generator Human Design Chart

The Generator Energy Type Energetic Aura

  • Generator relationship to energy:
    • Generators are here to create, to lift others up, to share, and to magnetize. When they are doing things they love they create energy.
  • Generators are pure life force in motion, these people have an “attracting” aura and a juiciness to their energy.
    • Generators are here to dance with life and engage their energy to move their community forward in a way that is meaningful to them. They are also the natural hustlers and doers of society.
    • Generators master a craft over the course of their life. They will build on it and build on it. Doesn’t mean they will do the same job for a lifetime but they will build on the same skill set.

Strategy for Generators

  • What is “Strategy”? In Human Design, “Strategy” refers to how we can energetically move through the world so we can attract the things that are meant for us into our life.
  • What is Generator Strategy? TO RESPOND
    • Generators should know that the universe is their personal shopper and is always sending them things. It is their job to respond to the things that lights them up.
  • How to know if a yes?
    • Listen to the Sacral Center (gut) which is a very visceral, physical response.
    • Follow the “hell yes’s”
    • The sacral response will be visceral and unexplainable. It will not be logical from the mind. For example, “I don’t know why I want it but it is appealing to me.”
  • When they have a positive response, they should go after it and engage with it.
    • Generators should be careful not to pre-force the energy until they have a positive gut response.
  • If you are a Generator, download your free Generator Survival Guide in the Free Resource Library.

Generator Reflection Journal

Generator Reflection Journal

Signature for Generators

  • What is signature? How an individual feels or experiences life when they are living their design.
  • What is Generator signature?SATISFACTION
    • Satisfaction is when a Generator feels that they are “turned on by life and that life lights them up”. They may feel like they are full of life or high on life.

Generator Not-Self Theme

  • What is the “Not-Self”? In Human Design, the “Not-Self” are the qualities we experience when we are NOT living our design. Or we are not in alignment with our energy type.
  • Generator Not-Self– FRUSTRATION
    • Frustration is defined as the experience that things are not flowing or moving with ease. They may feel uninspired, blah, no flow with life, nothing is moving and things feel stagnant.
    • When this happens, they need to take a look at where they are telling themselves they SHOULD do things. Wherever possible, remove the “Should’s” and create space for things that excite you.

Common Challenges for Generators

  • Generators often say yes to too many things. Then discover they have too many things on their plate that may or may not be lighting them up.
  • Generators may have conditioning that they have to do things they don’t enjoy. They may feel that they have to compromise. They feel have a duty to do things for others. As children, Generators were likely rewarded for compromising and doing things for others
  • Generators need to understand that it is not selfish to listen to their desires or what their gut is telling them to do. This is the way the universe will guide them to what is theirs.
  • Generators may feel they need to have all of the answers before they can start a project or pursue a goal. They should know they can start things before they have all of the answers.

Generator Survival Guide

Practical Tips for Generators

  • When experiencing frustration in life, the Generator should consider that doing nothing is better than doing something that is leaking their precious energy. They should not be afraid to say no and remove things that are not lighting them up. When they have removed all of the “no’s”, this is when the universe can put new things in front of them.
  • If something is not a “hell yes” then it is a “no”.
  • When the Generator has created space they should ask the universe to bring new things in front of them. Say, “These are the kind of things I am looking for” and the universe will bring things to try on. Their job is to try them on and then say “yes” or “no” based on visceral excitement.
  • Generators benefit from curious engagement of the 5 senses every day. They learn as they go and should pay attention to everything in front of them. They should be aware if they are really interested in something or not

This description is intended to be high-level and not a deep dive into this energy type. Because all energy types and individual charts have so many layers it is recommended to consult a Human Design Reader to get a full reading of a chart.

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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