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Manifesting generator energy type in Human Design

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Manifesting Generator Energy Type

This post describes the Human Design Manifesting Generator Energy Type at a high level.

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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What is an energy type in Human Design?

  • Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design.
  • It shows how we are supposed to exchange energy with the world around us (everything in life is an energetic trade).
  • Each energy type does have a specific way that energy should be exchanged with the world and we will have more flow when we use this energy correctly.
  • If we can master our energy type, we will encounter less resistance and the things that are meant for us will start to flow towards us
Manifesting Generator Energy Type in Human Design
Manifesting Generator Energy Type

A Manifesting Generator Energy Type’s Human Design Chart

The Manifesting Generator Energetic Aura

  • Manifesting Generators (MG) are multi-passionate, playful, and here experience the buffet of life.
  • MGs are not on a linear path and are here to show the collective that “all over the place” is a good thing. The key for the MG is to know themselves so well that they know when to follow and go do that thing.
  • The universe will put things in the path of the MG and the MG’s should follow the things that inspire or excite them.
  • Following this non-linear path, the MG will always encounter a lesson, a new skill, or something to teach. Nothing they are truly interested in is a waste of time. This energy is asking them to follow their bliss.
  • When an MG is doing what lights them up it makes them sparkly. It creates a magnetic vortex inside their aura which draws synchronicities, opportunities, and people.
  • MGs are the biggest energy creators in the world and have the biggest engine out of all the energy types.
  • MGs are limitless and expansive thinkers

Manifesting Generator Strategy

  • What is “Strategy”? In Human Design, “Strategy” refers to how we can energetically move through the world so we can attract the things that are meant for us into our life.
  • What is Manifesting Generator Strategy? TO RESPOND
  • The strategy for the MG is to be aware of the signs, ideas, events, and projects that the universe is putting in front of them. They should pay attention to what lights them up and causes visceral excitement. If the excitement isn’t there, that is the universe saying “don’t do it”.
  • This strategy is NOT about actively looking for things that are going to light them up.
  • Learning to “just respond”.
    • It is important that the MG learn not to question their instincts and gut response.
  • Listen to Gut
    • MG’s listening to their gut instinct feel the need to do something but they don’t know why. There will be no logical explanation.
  • Don’t be afraid of change
    • An MG needs to be checking in periodically so they know when excitement for something has dropped. They should be prepared to shed what no longer brings excitement.
    • Don’t get attached to the idea of finishing something for the sake of finishing it.
    • The life of the MG is wanting one thing for a while which will open the door to wanting the next thing, and the next.
  • The more the MG can surrender and let go the better the more powerful they become. The MG is meant to play and fuse different energies together. It may appear “all over the place” to others but it is cohesive for the MG.
  • If you are a Manifesting Generator, download your free Manifesting Generator Survival Guide from the Free Resources Library.

Manifesting Generator Reflection Journal

Signature of a Manifesting Generator

  • What is signature? How an individual feels or experiences life when they are living their design.
  • What is Manifesting Generator signature? SIGNATURE
    • Satisfaction is when a Manifesting Generator feels that they are “turned on by life and that life lights them up”. They may feel like they are full of life or high on life.

Manifesting Generator “Not-Self”

  • What is the “Not-Self”? – In Human Design, the “Not-Self” are the qualities we experience when we are NOT living our design. Or we are not in alignment with our energy type.
  • Manifesting Generator Not-Self – FRUSTRATION
    • Frustration is defined as the experience that things are not flowing or moving with ease. This individual may feel uninspired, blah, no flow with life, nothing is moving and life feels stagnant.
    • When this happens, they need to take a look at where they are telling themselves they SHOULD do things. Wherever possible, remove the “Should’s” and create space for things that excite you.

Common Challenges for Manifesting Generators

  • MG’s often feel like they have to fit themselves into the mold. The MG should remember that their path to success will NOT A to B to C etc. Their path will be non-linear from A to M to D to Z. 🙂
  • MG’s may question their process. It is hard in the beginning when they don’t feel successful yet. They begin to question their methods and feel like they have to be like the rest of the world.
  • Others see MG’s as incredibly capable because they can do so much. The MG will need to be careful to not do too much for people and learn to create boundaries.

Manifesting Generator Survival Guide

Practical Tips for Manifesting Generators

  • The MG path is non-linear so they will go A to G to E to Z. They should not stay with projects that don’t light them up. It is on the MG to understand that this is a strength and own it.
  • If you don’t feel strong enough to say “no” to things you have previously said “yes” to, ask the universe for a way out. Or the strength to say no or to remove the thing.
  • The MG should remember that doing nothing is better than doing something that is leaking their energy.
  • MG’s work quickly and should not wait for the world to catch up with them. The rest of the world is meant to catch up with them. They are here to show the world how it is done.

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This description is intended to be high-level and not a deep dive into this energy type. Because all energy types and individual charts have so many layers it is recommended to consult a Human Design Reader to get a full reading of a chart.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design journey.

References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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