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The Human Design Manifestor Energy Type is one of five different energy types in the Human Design System. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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Human Design Manifestor

What is an energy type in Human Design?

  • Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design.
  • Energy type shows how a person Is designed to exchange energy with the world around them. Everything in life is an energetic trade.
  • When we lean into our energy type, we will have more flow when we use this energy correctly.
  • If we can master our energy type, we will encounter less resistance and the things that are meant for us will start to flow toward us
Manifestor Energy Type in Human Design
Manifestor Energy Type

Manifestor Human Design Chart

Manifestor Aura

  • A Manifestors relationship to energy: gather energy to create momentum in a direction
  • Manifestors have 3 gifts to give to the collective
    • They can act independently and quickly
    • They can initiate and catalyze action in others
    • Impact others not only through energy but also through their manifestations. 
  • Manifestors have the biggest aura of all the energy types
  • They are the 2nd rarest type – comprising only 8% of the population
  • Manifestors are here to create waves, blaze the trail, stir things up and be the “firestarters”. They are here to create movements, whether they intentionally try to or not.
  • This Manifesting energy in human design means that this individual doesn’t need to wait for collaboration from the universe in order to act. It’s an impulsive energy not driven by anything. It is the divine expressing itself through the individual. A big part of living correctly as a Manifestor is cherishing and honoring those impulses.
  • Manifestors need to be living their truth, to be themselves, and doing the things they have urges to do. 
  • Manifestors energy works in fits and starts and is very spontaneous.  They will have high energy when they are in their urge but need to rest after.
  • Manifestors are often more suited for jobs that aren’t 9-5. Or intense projects where there is rest after.

Strategy for Manifestor Energy Type

What does Strategy mean in Human Design?

  • In Human Design, “Strategy” refers to how we can energetically move through the world so we can attract the things that are meant for us in this life.

Understanding Manifestor Strategy?

  • Manifestors are here to INFORM
    • They are here to follow their urges and let others know what they are doing.
    • Manifestors can initiate in this world and don’t need to wait for something or someone to act. They do not need cooperation from the external.
    • For the Manifestor, planning and strategizing likely don’t feel right – they need to wait for urges and act upon them. It is about making themselves free and available to receive urges (internal messages) that tell them what to do.

What is an Urge?

  • Definition of Urges vs. having a preference or liking something
    • Urge – is a very specific feeling that tells the Manifestor to do something that comes out of nowhere. They don’t know why or can’t make sense of the urge. This urge cannot be traced back to logic.
    • The Manifestor should prioritize acting on 1 or 2 urges a day with quality vs. doing all day.
    • Manifestors have a “selective Aura”: The Manifestor is like a train conductor – the Manifestor must take the train where he wants to go. He needs to announce where the train is going and choose to get on the train. The Manifestor must understand “I am the perfect train driver for the perfect people that want to get on MY train. Everyone else will get on someone else’s train.”
    • The Manifestor helps people by doing what they are called to do and then sharing their intentions with others. They will make others feel included if they want to be.
    • What people want most from a Manifestor is to know where they are at. What they are thinking about doing next? What they are into right now? Sharing own personal urges, ideas and thoughts with others.

Manifestor Reflection Journal

Manifestor Reflection Journal

Understanding Manifestor Signature

  • What is signature? How an individual feels or experiences life when they are living their design.
  • What is Manifestor signature? PEACE
    • When the Manifestor feels peaceful this is a sign that they have the freedom to do what they want to do. They are not trying to please other people.

Manifestor Not-Self Theme

  • What is the “Not-Self”? In Human Design, the “Not-Self” are the qualities we are experiencing when we are NOT living our design (in alignment with our energy type).
  • Manifestor Not-Self – ANGER
    • Anger is experienced as irritation, annoyance, “the world is against me”, resistance, and/or low-level anger.
    • Anger tells the Manifestor that they should look within rather than what society tells them they should be doing.

Common Challenges for Manifestors

  • Manifestors often feel like they have to do things the way the world says they must do them. Manifestors are here to blaze their own trail.
  • Manifestors may have been conditioned as children to stay small, be controlled or put in a box. Because of this, they often feel caged by the world and may be afraid of doing things that are considered unpopular. They may often feel they have to shrink to please others. Later in life, they may become people pleasers and stay small to be liked. They may also look to others for approval.
  • Manifestors may put a significant amount of pressure on themselves to do, do, do all the time and always be producing. They should relieve themselves of this pressure but this will counteract the ability for the urges to come in to them.
  • Manifestors should not beat themselves up if they can’t just be their authentic self. They should get to know their true self in isolation from the external world
  • The Manifestor may be afraid of doing things that are unpopular.

Manifestor Survival Guide

Manifestor Energy Type – Practical Tips

  • Manifestors should be unapologetic about who they are, it’s not about doing, doing, doing all the time. They should do what comes naturally to them when they listen to an urge.
  • The Manifestor should not shut down urges – the more they shut down urges the more angrier they become
  • Manifestors should not play small.

This description is intended to be high-level and not a deep dive into this energy type. Because all energy types and individual charts have so many layers, it is recommended to consult a Human Design expert to understand your chart.

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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