Incorporate Magick Into Your Planner

Incorporate Magick Into Your Planner

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If you would like to incorporate magick into your planner there are 3 things I recommend especially if you believe in energy. 1) Your Numerology Personal Year Number; 2) Your Tarot Year Card and 3) a 12-month divination spread. See also the video below where I walk through how to incorporate these things into your planner for next year.

Numerology Personal Year 

  • The Personal Year in Numerology tells us the lessons, opportunities, and experiences we will encounter over the course of a year. 
  • According to this system, each year throughout our life we cycle into the energy of a new number. For 12 months, we have a “Personal Year Number” between 1 and 9 (or Master Numbers 11/2 or 22/4). And as we move into the next 12-month cycle, we move into the energy of a new number and so on.
  • Some experts say the “Personal Year” cycles from birthday to birthday. And others say the energies are present in a calendar year. Either answer is correct – you must determine which cycle seems right for you.
  • When setting up your planner for next year, calculate your Numerology Personal Year and read about the energy of the number you will be moving into.
  •  To learn how to calculate your Numerology Personal Year READ THIS ARTICLE. This article also provides information on the meanings or energetics of the different numbers.

Tarot Card Year 

  • Similar to the Numerology Personal Year, the Tarot Card Year is also based on numbers and it will give information about the themes you will be experiencing or working through that year. With the Tarot Card Year, the idea is that there is a corresponding Major Arcana tarot card for each year of your life. This card represents the themes, lessons, and opportunities that you will encounter that year.
    • For example, if your personal year number for 2023 is 8, you would then look at the Major Arcana cards and explore the symbolism and meanings of the Major Arcana card associated with the number 8 (e.g., the Strength card)).
  •  You can use the same number that you get when you do the calculation for the Personal Year. You can also READ THIS ARTICLE for more information on how to calculate your Tarot Card Year. This article also includes a list of the Major Arcana cards along with the themes for each card.

12-Month Tarot Spread

  • Every year when I set up my planner (usually in December), I do a tarot card reading for the year. It is super simple. I shuffle the deck while thinking ahead to the new year. Then I pull out 12 cards – 1 card to represent each month of the year (January – December). See the layout above.
  • Then in my planner, I write the cards that come up for each month and include the card meanings. As I move through the year, I will refer back to the reading just to compare – what did the cards say? vs. how did things really play out?  I have done this reading every year since 2015 and I was a true believer when I realized after the fact that the Tower card came up for March 2020. It freaked me out!

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