Human Design Manifestor Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts for Manifestors

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Why Journaling Can Help?

In this article, I will share some simple journal prompts for Manifestors. These prompts will help them identify what is causing them to feel angry (their “not self”) and explore what actions they can take to bring them back into alignment with their strategy (“to inform”). When Manifestors are able to do this, they will experience peace in their life and things will feel more effortless.

Before I get the journal prompts, I want to share some additional benefits of journaling. Journaling can…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety because writing down your feelings and thoughts can be a very effective way to release tension and stress.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence because writing about your emotions can help you better understand and process them.
  • Boost your creativity by stimulating your creativity and helping you generate new ideas.
  • Enhance focus and clarity because writing in a journal can help you organize your thoughts before making decisions.
  • Lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth especially when you reflect on your actions and associated beliefs. 
  • Improve your memory. When you write things down, you may have a better recall of events, thoughts, and ideas.
  • Help you identify negative patterns and shift to positive thought processes..

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Manifestor – Your Strategy for Alignment is to “Inform”

  • Manifestors can initiate in this world and do not need cooperation from the external environment.
  • Planning and strategizing likely doesn’t feel right for you – you need to wait for urges to come and then act upon them. It is about making yourself free and available to receive urges (internal messages) that tell you what to do.
  • An “urge” is a very specific feeling that tells you to do something and it often comes out of nowhere. You won’t know why and may not be able to make sense of it. The urge cannot be traced back to logic.
  • As a Manifestor, you are designed to help people by doing what you are called to do and then sharing your intentions with others. You will make others feel included IF they want to be.

How to know when you are out of alignment

  • You will experience anger, irritation, and annoyance. It will feel like the world is working against you. 
  • This anger is trying to tell you that you should look within rather than at what society says you should be doing.

Manifestor – How to know when you are IN alignment

  • You will feel a sense of peace – “I am being left to do what I want to do and I am not trying to please other people”.

Tips for Leaning Into Your Design

  • Do not shut down urges – the more you shut down urges the more angry you may become.
  • Stop putting pressure on yourself to be “productive” all of the time. For you, it’s not about doing, doing, doing all the time. For you, the doing comes naturally when you listen to an urge. The anger and/or annoyance show you where you need to course correct.
  • Don’t look to others for permission. Manifestors often long for people to approve of what they are doing but you won’t get where you want to be In life by people pleasing. You will get there by sticking your neck out and showing who you are and what you are passionate about. It is important to get to know your true self in isolation from the external world
  • Be unapologetic about who you are. Step into your power and don’t stay small please others. Manifestors often have conditioning that they have to stay small to make others happy. Ask yourself, “Where are the areas I am keeping myself small?”, “Where are the areas I am seeking approval from people?”, “Where in my life am I looking for validation that something is a good idea before doing it?”
  • Choose your compromises carefully. Your self-worth should not be tied to doing things for other people. You can compromise if it makes you happy but you will need to speak your needs very clearly when a compromise is out of alignment for you.
  • Don’t be afraid of doing something “unpopular”. If you are afraid of doing things that are unpopular, you should check for urges. Ask yourself – “Am I doing this from a place of good consciousness?” If no one else is genuinely losing out then go for it. (Note – “Losing out” is NOT the same as someone disliking it or disapproving of the thing; “losing out” means someone else is losing out because you must “win”.)

Journal Prompts for Manifestors

  • List the things in your life that bring you peace or make you feel alive (even if they are challenging)
  • List the things in your life that are annoying or making you angry.
    • Where are you telling yourself you should do something? Where are you making compromises that don’t feel right? Are there urges you are not honoring?
  • Reflecting on the list of things that are not in alignment for you…
    • Is it time to change course? Is it time to step into your power and do what you want to do? Is it time to honor your need for rest? Is It time to do the “unpopular” thing?
  • List at least 1 step you will take to lean into your strategy and bring things back into alignment.
  • If you would like to ask the Universe for guidance, write your request

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