Human Design Projector Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts for Projectors

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Why Journaling Can Help?

In this article, I will share some simple journal prompts for Projectors. These prompts will help them identify what is causing them to feel bitterness (their “not self”) and explore what actions they can take to bring them back into alignment with their strategy (“wait to be invited”). When Projector’s are able to do this, they will experience success in life and things will feel more effortless.

Before I get the journal prompts, I want to share some additional benefits of  journaling. Journaling can…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety because writing down your feelings and thoughts can be a very effective way to release tension and stress.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence because writing about your emotions can help you better understand and process them.
  • Boost your creativity by stimulating your creativity and helping you generate new ideas.
  • Enhance focus and clarity because writing in a journal can help you organize your thoughts before making decisions.
  • Lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth especially when you reflect on your actions and associated beliefs. 
  • Improve your memory. When you write things down, you may have a better recall of events, thoughts and ideas.
  • Help you identify negative patterns and shift to positive thought processes..

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Projector – Your Strategy for Alignment is to “Wait for the Invitation”

  • If a projector shares advice, wisdom or gifts without being asked or invited to (energetically) then they are often disregarded. If they share when not invited they often be perceived as bossy, pushy, etc
  • It is important for you to wait for an invitation. Two things need to be in place for the correct energy exchange of this strategy:
    • Space in the other person’s aura for the wisdom or gift to land (aka -they are open to receiving)
    • The other person recognizes or SEES that you have something to share.
  • What does waiting for the invitation look like?
    • Paying attention to and investing in the niches that you are good at. As you do this, other people will subconsciously pick up on your aura, they will notice your gifts and know that you have something to share. When others see this they receive your energy differently.

How to know when you are out of alignment

  • You will experience “bitterness” – You will find yourself focusing too much on what is going wrong or what is not going right in life. 
  • When you notice this, you should realize you are giving energy and focus to things that are not energetically correct for you. It is time to remove your energy from the things that are not enhancing your life or lifting you up. 
  • Bitterness is a guide for when it is time to make changes. 
  • Classic projector bitterness sounds like “they didn’t… or they did…etc”

Projector – How to know when you are IN alignment

  • You will experience success (on the outside) – it means you are sharing what you need or are here to share and living according to your design.

Tips for leaning into your design

  • Waiting for the invitation is not a passive thing. There are things you can do to curate your energy so others see your genius. Create a container for your gift. Examples – create a product, service or art, start a project or business. write articles or a book, start a blog, post on social media or become an expert in an area of your passion.
  • The key to your success is discovering your gifts. Notice your own genius. What are the things that you could do in your sleep? What are you fascinated by? Be light and be curious. If you are unsure, indulge in learning and exploration or ask the universe for guidance.
  • There is power in waiting. Waiting for the invitation is contrary to the conditioning of the world which says to just go out there and grab things. The things that come to the projector are in direct proportion to how well they recognize their genius, how great they think we are, or how grateful they are for their gifts. When you see how your gift is of value to the world, your energy will align and attract invitations.
  • The “invitation” is not always verbalized. It is an ENERGETIC invitation and is not always a spoken invitation. Note the energetic context behind the exchange. Here are some examples of invitations:
    • Someone seeing what you are good at and saying“Wow you are so good at x” and asking for advice or asking you to share your gifts.
    • People buying a product or service from you is an invitation.
    • People following you on social channels is an invitation.
  • Sooner Action is NOT better action. Taking ALIGNED action will get you to where you want to be. Conserve your energy, wait to be asked, and then take aligned action.
  • Remember, that not every invitation is energetically correct for you. Be sure to check in with your inner knowing (authority) to determine if an invitation is in alignment with you. Don’t be afraid to pivot or say “no” to things. Projectors are here to shine a light on things – what you see is never a waste of your time BUT you don’t have to fix everything.

Journal Prompts for Projectors 

  • List the areas in your life where you are experiencing success (even if they are challenging)
  • List the things in your life that are making you feel bitter.
    • Where are you not seeing success? Where are you not doing things that align with your gifts or genius? Where are you telling yourself you *should* do things?
  • Reflecting on the list of things that are not in alignment for you…
    • Is it time to change course or walk away from something? Is it time to conserve your energy instead of forcing something? Is It time to get curious and explore your gifts?
  • List at least 1 step you will take to lean into your strategy and bring things back into alignment.
  • If you would like to ask the Universe for guidance, write your request

A Journal for the Projector Energy Type

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