Human Design Reflector Journal Prompts

Journal Prompts for Reflectors

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Why Journaling Can Help?

In this article, I will share some simple journal prompts for Reflectors. These prompts will help them identify what is causing them to feel disappointed(their “not self”) and explore what actions they can take to bring them back into alignment with their strategy (“to wait a lunar cycle”). When Reflectors are able to do this, they will experience surprise and delight in their life and things will feel more effortless.

Before I get the journal prompts, I want to share some additional benefits of journaling. Journaling can…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety because writing down your feelings and thoughts can be a very effective way to release tension and stress.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence because writing about your emotions can help you better understand and process them.
  • Boost your creativity by stimulating your creativity and helping you generate new ideas.
  • Enhance focus and clarity because writing in a journal can help you organize your thoughts before making decisions.
  • Lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth especially when you reflect on your actions and associated beliefs. 
  • Improve your memory. When you write things down, you may have a better recall of events, thoughts and ideas.
  • Help you identify negative patterns and shift to positive thought processes..

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Reflector – Your Strategy for Alignment is to “wait a lunar cycle”

  • The strategy for a Reflector is to wait a lunar cycle. This is because Reflectors are lunar beings and they are more connected to the moon than the sun. When following your strategy, the moon’s 28-day cycle becomes very important.
  • Your strategy applies to the BIG decisions in your life – ask yourself how important is this to me? The more important the decision is to you, the more you should lean into your strategy.
  • When faced with a big decision, you will want to give yourself time to be in flow so you can be clear on whether or not something is right for you or not. As the moon cycles, it will light up different gates in your bodygraph chart which will give you information during the cycle.
  • Your goal is to become familiar with what it feels like to trust yourself and your process for gaining clarity over time. You will benefit from keeping a journal and recording your thoughts, insights, and bodily experiences from new moon to new moon. This Is because Reflectors often discover that they live their life in little cycles in alignment with the moon.
  • You do not need to wait a lunar cycle to create things, or start a project or business.

How to know when you are out of alignment

  • You will experience disappointment which is the opposite of living in surprise and delight. Everything feels boring, unsurprising, like a deflated balloon. This is what you need to watch out for.

Reflector – How to know when you are IN alignment

  • You will experience surprise. You are supposed to be delighted and surprised by life and all of the variety that the world has to offer. When you feel tickled by life, you know you are living your design.

Tips for leaning into your design

  • No labels. It is hard because the world says we need to “know ourselves”, label ourselves or categorize ourselves. The power of being a Reflector is that you are like clear water. You are here to be a chameleon. The only thing you can honestly identify with is being a human who is experiencing life. You can try on many flavors but none of them are truly YOU. You should feel free to be different in different situations. This keeps life exciting.
  • Remain open and free-flowing. Where are you rushing to make decisions? Where are you being judgmental vs accepting and discerning? Where are you having expectations and trying to identify with things instead of being open, free-flowing, and allowing things to come?
  • Buy yourself time. You should respond with decisions that buy you time wherever possible. (For example, “Thanks for the offer, can I get back to you in x amount of time?”)
  • Tune into your body. When making a decision, tune in and ask yourself, “Does this thing make me feel expansive?” “Does this thing make me feel contracted?”, “Do I feel clear in my body?”
  • Recognize the importance of environment. Reflectors should not stay in situations or environments that make them feel bad or ill for too long. If you are in an environment where you feel good you should note that. If you are in an environment that is not in alignment, note that too.
  • Fulfilling your life purpose is a passive journey. Life is going to carry you more than it will carry the other energy types. For a Reflector, the question isn’t “What is my purpose?” The question is, “Am I in the right places?” Reflectors have varied careers and life paths, especially if they are listening to where their environment is leading them to next. When you spend time in the right places, then life will lead you to your purpose. Pay attention to the environments you are in and remove yourself from environments that are not in alignment.

Journal Prompts for Reflectors

  • List the areas in your life where you are experiencing surprise and delight (even if they are challenging)
  • List the things in your life that are making you feel disappointed.
    • What in your life feels stagnant (vs. free flowing)? Are you spending time in environments that feel negative or bad to you? Where are you doing things that make your body feel contracted or tense?
  • Reflecting on the list of things that are not in alignment for you…
    • Is it time to change course or walk away from something that makes you feel boxed in or labeled? Is it time to change your environment? Where can you let go of expectations and become more free-flowing?
  • List at least 1 step you will take to lean into your strategy and bring things back into alignment.
  • If you would like to ask the Universe for guidance, write your request

A Journal for the Reflector Energy Type

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