Leo Journal Prompts

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I wanted to do a series of blog posts that provide reflective journal prompts for the different zodiac signs. I have also created a simple journal that you can purchase HERE if these reflective prompts resonate with you. I also have a FREE digital PDF that you can access in my Free Resource Library under “Astrology Resources” linked HERE.

Also, I just want to note that these journal prompts are not only relevant to the Leo Sun Sign. If Leo is a part of your primal triad as your Rising Sign and/or your Moon sign you may find these prompts valuable as well because you also embody Leo energy in a significant way.

Leo Energy

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and is often associated with the following characteristics: embody leadership qualities, generous, confident, prideful, passionate, energetic and honest.

Leo Journal Prompts

  • Reflect on your natural leadership qualities. How do you embrace and utilize your leadership skills in different areas of your life?
  • Describe moments when your confidence has propelled you forward. How do you maintain a strong sense of self-assurance, and how has it contributed to your personal growth?
  • Write about a time when you exhibited courage in the face of a challenge. How did you overcome fear and tap into your inner strength?
  • Explore how you express your generosity. How do you enjoy sharing your resources, time, and talents with others?
  • Discuss your passions and what drives you. How do you infuse enthusiasm into your pursuits, and how does it impact your overall fulfillment?
  • Reflect on your loyalty to your loved ones and the importance of strong connections. How do you nurture and prioritize your relationships, and how do they shape your sense of identity?
  • Write about moments when you have taken center stage. How do you embrace being in the spotlight and use it as an opportunity to inspire others?
  • Explore the role of creativity in your life. How do you express yourself artistically, and how does it contribute to your sense of self-expression?
  • Reflect on instances where you have demonstrated resilience. How do you bounce back from setbacks and use them as opportunities for growth?
  • Write about your relationship with power and how you harness it responsibly. How do you balance personal power with compassion and empathy?

Leo Reflection Journals

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