Limiting Belief Journal Prompts

Limiting Belief Journal Idea

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In this article, I will discuss the idea of a Limiting Belief Journal and why you might want to start one.  I am also going to share 8 prompts to get you started.

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Why start a Limiting Belief Journal?

  • Limiting beliefs keep us from going after what we want in life.
  • These stories keep us “safe” and prevent our growth and expansion.
  • Limiting beliefs prevent us from stepping into our power and going after the things we want in life.

8 Journal Prompts to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Grab a notebook or journal and get started!

Name the Limiting Belief

  • It can be helpful to actually name the belief because when it pops up again later it can be quickly identified.  For example, if the limiting belief is “I am not good enough to pursue my passion” a great name might be “the bitch that wants to go NOWHERE”.
  • Naming the belief will empower you to take control and see the negative voice or story for what it is.

How does this belief serve me?

  • The negative stories we have about ourselves serve us in some way. I know that sounds crazy but if you really think about it these voices are trying to keep us “safe”. And not “safe” in the sense of protecting us from real danger. It is more about keeping us safe from…
    • Going outside our comfort zone
    • Taking calculated risks
    • Feeling uncomfortable
    • Stepping into our power
    • Risking judgment or criticism from other people
  • This voice wants everyone to like us, it wants to prevent the mistakes or failures that come from growth and expansion. It really just wants everything to stay the same. And unless that is what you want as well, then the limiting belief needs to be resolved.

How does this belief hold me back?

  • Begin journaling about all of the things you are not doing in your life because of this limiting belief. Focus on the negatives.
  • Consider the actions you are not taking, the places you are not going, the people you are not talking to and the outcomes you are not realizing as a result.

When did this limiting belief start? Where did it come from?

  • Limiting beliefs often originate from our childhood or negative experiences in our past. If we can identify where the voice or belief came from, it is easier to realize it is NOT true. We realize that this voice is NOT serving us. It comes from outside ourselves and it is NOT in alignment with our higher self.

How would it feel to let this belief go?

  • Begin journaling about the FEELING of letting the limiting belief go. What would it feel like if this voice was no longer nagging at you and holding you back?

What could I do or become if I let this belief go?

  • This is where you focus on the positive outcome of releasing the limiting beliefs. What actions would you take? Who would you be? What would you be like if you stepped into your power? What successes would be yours?

I am willing to let this belief go…Yes or No?

  • This is where the rubber meets the road – can you commit to yourself that you will release this limiting belief? Even if it is only at this moment – this is a great first step.

Identify the new belief (the opposite) or new energetic I will step into

  • Replace the old limiting belief with a new, empowered energy by identifying a new belief.  Brainstorm ideas by looking up affirmations or inspiring quotes. Or take the opportunity to free write ideas and see what comes up.

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