Love and Human Design

Navigating Love and Alignment

Do any of these describe your current situation?

I've been there and navigating relationships can be tough!

When we look at our relationships, Human Design offers a perspective on how we are each designed to use our energy, make decisions, communicate (and so much more).

When we know how we are designed, we can experience more harmony in our relationships because we have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

And when we have this understanding, there is an opportunity for empathy, grace, and effective communication.

It's time for a harmonious relationship…

...but you are not sure how to get there.

Introducing the Love and Human Design

This self-paced course is designed to help you improve your relationship through the Human Design framework. I have pulled out the essential aspects of Human Design and how these insights apply to relationships.

The key is to understand ourselves at a deeper level but to also understand our partner as well.

This Self-Led Course IS for you If…

This Self-Led Course Is NOT for you If…

You may be wondering who I am…

My name is Tiffany – I am a multi-passionate woman who loves personal development and all things magick! When I discovered Human Design, I instantly knew that it was going to be a long love affair!

Since the beginning, I have been interested in how Human Design can be used as a tool to help us not only understand ourselves but also how we can understand each other – especially in relationships. I should mention that I am NOT dogmatic in my approach to Human Design. Nothing is black and white and we should never put ourselves in a box. That said, Human Design is one of many tools that help us transform our understanding of ourselves and others as we move through life.

Because I am multi-passionate, I have been channeling this energy into my blog to create a helpful resource library for those with shared interests. You can find my blog at  When I am not working on my various passions, you will find me at home chilling with my husband and my fur children, playing video games, indulging in documentaries, and shamelessly watching reality TV shows.

What's Inside...

Module 1 Welcome and Prep

The most important thing you will accomplish in this module is discovering your Human Design bodygraph chart and identifying the information you will need to work through the course.

Module 2 Honoring Energy Type Strategy

In this module, you will learn how your energy works and how your partner’s energy works as well. When we understand how our energy is designed to operate there is an opportunity to experience grace, patience, and harmony in our life and relationships.

Module 3 Making Decisions

In this module, you will learn about your and your partner’s decision-making process and how to listen to this intuitive voice so it can be a positive force in your relationship.

Module 4 Relationship Synergies and Chemistry 

This module goes deeper into your and your partner’s Human Design bodygraph charts and reveals insights into the compatibility and chemistry that exists in your relationship.

Module 5 Communication

This module improves communication in partnerships by offering insights into how you and your partner are designed to communicate. When we understand our communication strengths and weaknesses it opens the door for understanding, grace, and mutual support.


eBook – Gates in Human Design

eBook – Channels in Human Design eBook

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Love and Human Design Mini-Course

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 (i.e. “gifts) in the Human Design Chart Module

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Because I have to account for every possible chart combination, there is a bit of a “choose your own adventure” aspect to this course. Once you know the key aspects of your and your partner’s charts, you will be able to target the videos that speak to your charts specifically. Explanations of Human Design concepts are covered in a practical way with lots of examples. Worksheets include guidance and prompts laid out for you.  My goal is for this course to help you improve your relationship by offering a deeper understanding of how you and your partner are designed to operate and communicate.

No. This course is designed for those who are currently IN partnership and who would like to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship. The content within this course is also applicable to ANY relationship you have in your life such as parent/child or sibling relationships.

No. I specifically designed this course so that anyone can benefit from the perspective that the Human Design framework offers us in relationships. If you have never had a reading or have never even seen your Human Design chart, I have you covered! Module 1 is designed to get you set up.

This course is self-led so you may take as much time as you need to complete it. When you have completed payment you will have access to ALL modules and content. Feel free to move through this course at your own pace.

Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style and determine if it is a right fit for you. So, if after reviewing the initial content you feel this course is not for you, please email us at within 48 hours of your purchase (and If you have not consumed more than the first module) and we will process your refund.

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