Lunar Cycle Manifestation Process + Layout

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Leveraging Lunar Cycle manifestation strategies to set intentions can be a great tool to have in your toolbox or witch kit!

Lunar Cycle Manifestation Process + Layout

Overview – How to manifest with the lunar cycle

One – New MoonSet your intention

  • Set new intention or manifestation for this lunar cycle
  • Make sure the intention is coming from a true heart longing and not a logical want from the mind.

Two – Waxing CrescentLet it go!

  • Write down the intention on a piece of paper
  • Burn and / or bury the intention
  • Return it to the earth as a seed and let it go
  • Make plans for the actions you will take

Three – First QuarterTake Action

  • Get organized
  • Do the work
  • Start the project

Four – Waxing GibbousRefine and Strategize

  • Good time focus and analyze how things are going
  • Refine strategy (pivot) – if needed

Five – Full moonLet Go of the Old

  • A good time to identify the things that are no longer serving you and let them go.
  • Identify old patterns and old ways of thinking – let them go.

Six – Waning GibbousRefinement, Share Wisdom and Shed Limitations

  • Refine goals & intention if needed.
  • A good time to share anything you learned during the waxing phase.
  • This is a potent time to shed more of the limitations that may have hindered your success along the way.

Seven – Last QuarterManifestation, Re-evaluate and Reflect

  • Re-evaluate what didn’t work in this lunar cycle.
  • Smaller projects and intentions will be manifested during this phase.
  • Reflect on what can be done differently next time.
  • This is also a good time for self-care and rest.

Eight – Waning CrescentPrep for Next Cycle

  • Get Inspired
  • Planning and dreaming
  • Also a good time for banishing and decluttering.
  • Clean your space!

Items used in the creation of this layout

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