Manifestation Methods and Techniques

Manifestation Methods and Techniques

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I am one of those people who is into manifestation and I have played with different manifestation methods and techniques for much of my adult life. In this article, I share some of the methods and techniques I have found particularly useful and effective. I think it is best to approach these manifestation techniques with a spirit of adventure, testing to see which methods resonate and work best for YOU.

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Inner Vision or Visualization 

  • Manifesting through visualization involves deeply immersing yourself in the experience of already having what you desire, engaging all your senses to create a vivid mental picture. It is about tapping into your imagination as much as possible so if you have a good imagination this may be an ideal strategy for you!
  • Try this strategy:
    • Start by finding a quiet space, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths to center yourself. 
    • As you visualize your desire, focus on how it feels to have already achieved it. 
    • The key is to engage your 5 senses and experience the emotions:
      • Feel the joy and excitement of having your desire and the peace and contentment that comes with it.
      • Feel the gratitude for having it, the confidence it brings you, and the pride you experience for having it.
      • Tap into your 5 senses: Can you smell it? Can you see it in your mind’s eye? What sounds will you hear? Can you touch it? Can you taste it? 
    • By tapping into your senses and the FEELING, you will create a powerful emotional resonance that aligns your subconscious mind with your desires, making your desires more likely to manifest!


  • Manifesting through speaking involves using your voice to articulate and amplify your desires, creating a powerful vibrational energy that aligns with your desires. 
  • Try this strategy:
    • Begin by finding a private space where you can speak freely without interruption or feeling self-conscious. 
    • Start talking out loud about your desire as if you already have it, vividly describing every detail and how it makes you feel. Let your emotions flow naturally and allow your excitement to build.
      • For example, go on a verbal rant about how amazing it feels to have achieved your dream job, detailing the daily experiences, the joy of working in your ideal environment, the satisfaction of using your skills, and the pride of receiving recognition. As you speak, focus on the emotions—feel the thrill, the joy, the happiness, the gratitude, and the fulfillment. 
  • This verbal practice not only raises your vibration but also reinforces your belief and emotional connection to your desire, making it feel real and attainable.


  • When you manifest through journaling, the goal is to channel your thoughts and emotions onto paper in such a way that desires come alive because you are creating positive energy around them. 
  • Try this strategy:
    • First, write a gratitude list. Write down anything and everything in your life that you are grateful for. As you write, focus on feeling positive and deeply supported by God or the Universe – whatever resonates with you. Fill the page with grateful thoughts and it’s okay if you need to repeat or write the same things over and over again. The idea is to get into the energy of gratitude and feeling supported.
    • Next, write a desires list. Write down all of the things you desire and want to manifest. As you write, focus on feeling positive feelings like joy, happiness, and excitement. Do your best to get into the energy and excitement of having the things you desire by writing details. For example, write as if you already have what you want, and describe how these things will enrich your life. How would your life change? What does that mean for your life now? Journal with the intent of elevating your emotional state to align with having what you want. Consider writing affirmations and visualize the feelings of having your desires fulfilled. 
  • By consistently journaling in this way, you create a powerful energetic alignment with your desires, enhancing your ability to manifest them.


  • Manifesting through movement is when you use physical activity to channel your energy and focus on your desires. This creates a powerful synergy between your body and mind.
  • Try this strategy:
    • Start a physical activity of your choice. Some options are running, walking, dancing, or working out. As you do this, visualize your goals and feel them in your body. For example…
      • While running, imagine you’re running towards the thing you want and tap into the feeling (exhilaration or joy) of achieving it with each stride. 
      • During your walk, envision yourself walking through the life you desire as if everything you want is already there and experiencing the joy and confidence that comes with it.
      • In intimate moments, allow the intensity and connection to magnify your manifestation energy, focusing on your desired outcomes. 
  • When you reach a “flow state” in any physical activity, your mind becomes fully immersed and your body moves effortlessly, which makes it an ideal time to visualize your desires and feel them deeply. Find opportunities to integrate movement, visualization, and feeling into the emotions of having your desires. This is when you will harness a powerful method of manifestation that aligns your physical and mental energies.


  • When manifesting with a vision board, the goal is to create a visual representation of your desires on a board, piece of paper, or journal page. By doing this you focus your intentions and bring your dreams to life. 
  • Try this strategy:
    • Start by gathering images, words, and symbols that resonate with your goals and desires —these can be cut from magazines, printed from the internet, or even drawn by hand. 
    • Arrange these images on a board in a way that inspires and excites you, making sure it reflects the life you wish to manifest. 
    • Place the vision board in a location where you’ll see it every day. As you look at it, take a few moments to visualize yourself living the life pictured on the board. Feel the emotions associated with having the life you want — joy, empowerment, gratitude, and fulfillment. The goal is to feel these feelings every time you look at the vision board even if for just a moment throughout the day. 
  • Regularly looking at your vision board will help reinforce your intentions, keep you motivated and aligned with your desires, and act as a reminder to focus on manifesting your desires into reality.

Finally, Consider this Affirmation 

  • “I am ready, open, and willing to see things differently. I am now willing to have a shift in my perception of money and any other area in need of transformation. I am available to see patterns, close doors, rearrange paradigms and enter a new experience with money.”

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