Manifestation Themed Digital Planner Bundle Walk-Through

Manifestation Themed Digital Planner Walk-Through

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Are you looking for a Manifestation themed digital planner? In this post, I am going to walk through the digital Manifestation planner bundle that is available in my shop or my Etsy shop. My intention is to explain what is inside the planner bundle so you can decide if this planner is the right one for you. 

I also have a video walk-through of this digital planner (linked above) so you can actually see what is inside this planner bundle. This video walks through the planner, the companion notebook, and the digital sticker bundle.  As I walk through the planner, I offer some basic tips on how to use the planner and its layouts in Goodnotes 5.

What you need to get started with digital planning

  • An iPad or tablet
  • A stylus  – I highly recommend this generic stylus. I have three of them and they work great!
  • A notetaking app such as Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf
    • I am most familiar with Goodnotes 5. Goodnotes is a free app and you can use the app for free with the first 3 notebooks.
Manifestation Themed Digital Planner

High-Level Information About this Digital Planner Bundle

  • This is an undated digital planner which means that you can start using it at any time.
  • The digital planner, notebook, and good notes sticker book have hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation 
  • Planner pages and layouts can be duplicated and moved around as desired. (See video – add a hyperlink to YT video)
  • This planner bundle is decorated in a Blue Moon theme. See shout-out to the artist below.

Included in this digital planner bundle

The Manifestation Digital Planner Bundle includes 4 products [heading 3]

  1. Manifestation Digital Planner
  2. The Manifestation Digital Notebook
  3. The Manifestation Digital Sticker Bundle includes access to over 1,200 png files.
  4. Goodnotes 5 Sticker book (digital)

What makes the Manifestation Planner (bundle) special?

The Manifestation Planner has 45 unique layouts, 12 of which are manifestation focused. It also includes a manifestation “Resource” section that is designed to be a mini-reference book. It includes manifestation-specific information and tips in an organized format.

The Manifestation Themed Digital Planner Specs

  • This digital planner has tabs on the right-hand side that are all hyperlinked so you can navigate quickly between different sections. Layouts and pages in this planner can be duplicated to accommodate your needs. This planner includes the following hyperlinked sections:
    • Yearly (2 layouts)
    • Monthly (2 layouts)
    • Weekly (1 weekly and 3 layout options for habit tracking)
    • Daily (1 layout)
    • Money (8 layouts to support financial goals including expenses, income, debt & budget trackers + Net Worth worksheet)
    • Action (5 layouts/worksheets to support goal setting and aligned action for manifestation work)
    • Wellness (4 layout options)
    • Journal (5 different journal page layouts to choose from)
    • Tools (contains 13 unique layouts including an adventure log, divination layouts, manifestation worksheets plus more)
    • Resources (Includes 19 pages of information about Manifestation including tips, ideas to try, and a lexicon)

Manifestation Notebook Specs

  • The Manifestation notebook is a tabbed digital notebook that is designed to help you organize different aspects of manifestation journaling. This notebook also includes manifestation-focused layouts, tools, prompts, and resources within the following tabbed sections:
    • CLARITY – a place to document core values and exercises around being clear on what is important to you (blank page templates only)
    • LIST – a place to capture your manifestation list including updates (blank pages + pages with prompted headers by subject)
    • VISION – a place to have a vision board, do scripting or other writing exercises, coloring with intention (Blank page with header (for a vision board if you like), 3 colors with intention pages, and lined pages)
    • VIBRATION – a place used for gratitude, affirmations, or power statement journaling (Lined page for Gratitude, power statements, and affirmations, “Raise your Vibration” Worksheet and  a 3-6-9 worksheet.)
    • BLOCKS – a place to journal about and work through blocks or do shadow work. (blank page templates)
    • ACTION – A place to write ideas or document aligned action such as goal setting and “seeing to believe”. It includes 2 goal breakdown worksheets, an Aligned action worksheet, goal/intention setting layout for tarot or oracle cards, and a 21-day challenge)
    • MONEY – a space to document money-specific plans, strategies, and intentions. (blank page templates only)
    • PARTNERSHIP – a space to document relationship-specific plans, strategies, and intentions (blank page templates only)
    • JOURNAL – free space with 5 different page style templates.
    • RESOURCES – this space is designed to be a mini-reference book to support your manifestation efforts including ideas & tips!

The Manifestation Digital Sticker Bundle

  • This bundle includes access to over 1,200 png files. The sticker colors and textures are designed to match the color branding of the planner and notebook above.
  • 200+ – Flag /Arrows / Washi Stickers (~31 styles – Flags, checklist flags, trackers, and sticky flags)
  • 6 – Number Stickers Sets (1 -31)
  • 145+ – Icons (37 unique symbols in a variety of colors and textures)
  • 160+ – Lists (Long, Short, lists with titles)
  • 170 – Title / Word Stickers (43+ Titles including divination words, weekdays, months, lifestyle)
  •  245 – Post Its (Lists, Lists with titles, Blank, Water Tracker, and Calendar)
  •  150+ – Shapes Stickers (20 styles)
  •  78 – 1 Set of Tarot Cards
  • 62 – Affirmations, power statements, and quotes

Where to Buy the Manifestation Themed Digital Planner or Planner Bundle

Interested in creating your own digital planners?

I learned how to create digital planners by taking a course provided by the Secret Owl Society. If you are interested in creating or designing your own digital planners I highly recommend it! 


Acknowledgments to the artist

The art that was used to decorate this planner was found on Creative Market.

The featured image for this post is by Yeshi Kangrang. Discovered on


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links on this blog post may be affiliate links that can result in small commissions & help support the site.

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