Manifestor Human Design Interview – Being a “Trailblazer”

Manifestor Human Design Interview - Being a “Trailblazer”

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Manifestor Human Design Interview – This post is intended to be a “home” for an interview I did with my Manifestor friend. My friend is a 5/1 Manifestor with Splenic Authority and she has been actively leaning into her design for a couple of years now.

 In the video linked below, we discuss what it is REALLY like being a Manifestor including a lot of real-life and practical examples around leaning into strategy and authority, Manifestor “repelling” aura, Manifestor “signature” (peace) and “not-self” (anger), Splenic authority and the what it really means to be a “trailblazer”.

Manifestor Human Design Interview – List of Topics Discussed 

  • When you first found out you were a Manifestor what did you think?
  • “Playing small” as a Manifestor
  • Manifestor with many open centers including open Solar Plexus (emotional center)
  • What is your take on what being a “Trailblazer” actually means?
  • Manifestor strategy “to Inform” – real-life examples
  • Manifestor aura as a “repelling” or “selective” aura
  • Manifestor Signature (Peace) and Not-Self (anger)
  • Splenic Authority – how this voice speaks in real life
  • More on the “Repelling” or “Selective” aura
  • About getting into alignment
  • Tiny kittens are a “hell yes”!

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