Money and Abundance in Human Design – Discover your money gate

Money and Abundance in Human

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In the Human Design System, there is nothing predictive that tells you whether or not you are destined to be rich someday. That said, we are all designed to live an abundant life and my path to abundance is unique to me and will look very different than your own unique path.  We all have our unique bodygraph chart and there are a few areas in the chart that provide clues as to how we can optimize our own abundance. 

If you are serious about attracting abundance into your life, the key is to live in alignment with your energy type – your STRATEGY and AUTHORITY. But for those who want to understand where and how abundance shows up in their chart at a deeper level, this article is for you. 

Where does money and abundance show up in a bodygraph chart? 

  • Energy type strategy and authority
  • Your Jupiter placement in your bodygraph chart
  • Ego or Heart energy center
  • G-Center
  • Specific gates and channels in the chart

Living your design is how you will manifest abundance

  • There is a reason Human Design experts say that all we need to do is lean into our energy type strategy and authority. When we can follow our strategy and authority – EVERYTHING ELSE in the chart falls into place. We don’t need to consciously align with other elements in our chart because when we follow our strategy and authority – this will happen automatically. 
  • “Strategy” in Human Design is how we are designed to use our energy. It is essentially our manifestation strategy. It is how we attract what is meant for us in this lifetime.
  • “Authority” in Human Design is how we gain clarity to make decisions. 
  • Strategy by Energy Type
    • Generator Strategy – To Respond
      • Generators are designed to respond to the things the universe puts in front of them.
      • Article dedicated to the Generator Energy Type – CLICK HERE
    • Manifesting Generator Strategy – To Respond
      • Manifesting Generators are designed to respond to the things the universe puts in front of them.
      • Article dedicated to the Manifesting Generator Energy Type – CLICK HERE
    • Manifestor Strategy – To Inform
      • Manifestors are designed to let others know what they are doing, interested in, or thinking about.
      • Article dedicated to the Manifestor Energy Type – CLICK HERE
    • Projector Strategy – Wait to be Invited
      • Projectors are designed to share their gifts in ways that are in alignment with them and wait for others to invite them to speak, work, or share their advice or gifts.
      • Article dedicated to the Projector Energy Type – CLICK HERE
    • Reflector Strategy – Wait a Lunar Cycle
      • Reflectors are designed to allow time for the universe to “ping” them repeatedly over the period of a few weeks 
      • Article dedicated to the Reflector Energy Type – CLICK HERE
Symbol for Jupiter

Your Jupiter Gate

  • In astrology (and in Human Design), Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, generosity, protection, growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles.  
  • From a Human Design perspective, Jupiter also represents “law” and this planet “imprints” each of us with a theme about what is energetically correct for us. If we can live by this “law” or theme, we will experience good fortune and prosperity.
  • How to find your Jupiter gate?
    • Look at your Human Design bodygraph chart and you will notice there are two columns running down each side of the chart. The symbols in the columns represent the planets and the numbers represent the associated gates. 
    • Find the symbol for Jupiter (see above) and note the number that is next to it. In the example chart above, the number is 63.2 which means Gate 63 is this person’s abundance gate.
    • Look up and understand the energy and themes of the Gate that is in your Jupiter placement. Take time to figure out how this energy shows up in your life and how you can live more in alignment with it.
    • You can reference my article titled All Gates in Human Design to find the energy of your gate – CLICK HERE

Ego or Heart Energy Center

  • This energy center is about motivation and the desire to go after things on the material plane like money, recognition, being seen, and making an impact. To be clear, your Ego energy center being colored in or white does not pre-determine your abundance or success in life but it does provide clues as to HOW you will go about achieving success.
    • Those who have defined or colored in the Ego Energy center will have material wants that they are chasing AND they will have consistent motivation to after it. 
    • When someone has an open or undefined Ego Energy center, they LIKELY have material wants that they are going after but their motivation to go after them will be more inconsistent.


  • This energy center is about identity, direction in life, and love of life. Whatever you have going on in this energy center will provide clues as to HOW your direction in life will manifest for you and HOW you will animate and experience the abundance of living life to the full.
    • Those who have this energy center defined or colored in have an inner knowing about which direction in life is energetically correct for them. 
    • Those with an undefined or open G-Center are designed to be more flexible and led by the universe by spending time in environments that feel energetically correct.
    • The gates lit up in this center will also provide clues as to how you will experience a love of life.

Abundance Gates and Channels


  • Channel 21-45 (Channel of Money)
    • Theme: A natural instinct on how to control resources and put money to work for their best interests. They know what needs to be done to have more money and to make money for themselves and others. 
  • Channel 26-44 (Channel of Surrender)
    • Theme: An entrepreneurial spirit and /or a gift for sales who values freedom and independence. They will leverage their gifts for their own independent pursuits or to benefit an employer.
    • Sometimes called the “entrepreneurial channel”
  • Channel 32-54 (Channel of Transformation)
    • Theme: Ambition that is fueled by consistent effort and motivated by a desire to be recognized in order to better one’s position in life.
  • Channel 34-10 (Channel of Exploration)
    • Theme: Self-empowerment and mastery of life by doing what they love, individuating and following their convictions without interference or resistance from others.
  • Channel 34-20 (Channel of Charisma)
    • Theme: Manifestation through the voice
  • Channel 34-57 (Channel of Power)
    • Theme: Self-empowerment by trusting intuition and letting of a need to plan. When in their full power they are finely tuned to survival and  independence

You can reference my article titled All Channels in Human Design to find the energy of your gate – CLICK HERE


  • Gate 10 – The Gate of the Behavior of Self 
    • Theme: Self-empowerment through self-love and living as true self.
  • Gate 14 – Gate of Power Skills
    • Theme: The ability to amplify the good in others. When they figure out how to help others become successful they will become successful. 
  • Gate 21 –Gate of the Hunter / Huntress
    • Theme: A natural instinct on how to control resources and a motivation to make money.
  • Gate 26 – Gate of Aloneness
    • Theme: Motivated to make a success of their own life, on their own terms. It is important for them to feel that they are the reason for their own success. 
  • Gate 34 – Gate of Power
    • Theme: Empowerment and charisma by honoring their sacral responses
  • Gate 54 – Gate of the Marrying Maiden 
    • Theme: A drive and ambition to provide for oneself – to “rise up”, make money, be successful, and master the work they do.

You can reference my article titled All Gates in Human Design to find the energy of your gate – CLICK HERE

How to Find Your Human Design Chart 

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.

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