Monthly Planner Layout with Divination

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In this post, I walk through how to create a monthly layout with divination space. In my own personal planner, I always make sure that I have space to do a monthly tarot or oracle card reading.

Monthly Planner Layout with Divination

Why do I include a monthly layout with divination space in my planner?

  • I love tarot as an esoteric tool and I am a skeptic at heart so I like to do a monthly reading for practice and to see what comes up in the reading vs. what comes up in real life.
  • I find it a useful tool to get a sense for the energies that may be at play during the next 30 days.

Tarot / Oracle card Layout

  • Card 1 – Main Theme (of the month)
  • Card 2 – Potential Roadblocks
  • Card 3 – Potential Opportunities
  • Card 4 – Wisdom / Advice card

This Monthly Layout with divination (2-page spread) includes the following sections:

  • Monthly Calendar view 
  • Priorities for the month
  • Monthly Tarot Layout

Items used in the creation of this layout:

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