My Goal Planner for Next Year

My Goal Planner for Next Year

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I am taking a moment to share a simple, high-level goal planner that I created for myself this year that is available on Amazon. This is a simple 150-page goal planner or workbook. This planner is undated so it can be started at any time. It includes yearly and monthly layouts plus a mid-year review. Each section of the planner has colored-edged pages to make it easier to navigate. There are blank and lined pages throughout. Lastly, I created this planner with two themes – one is an Ostara / easter theme and the other is a “school of wizardry” theme. Both themes come in full-color and black-and-white versions.

Flip Through of this Goal Planner 

History of this Planner 

I have been designing my own planners since 2015 and over the years I have learned that I work best with simple layouts that have less structure. I prefer to “plan” at a higher level and this is the setup that I have used to set goals and track my progress for the past 3 years and find that it works very well for me. (See “Planner Structure” below).

My Planning Process

  • I start with a yearly review where I reflect on the previous year, and set intentions and goals for the next year. I also capture my inspirations for the year to come and write down the things I would like to manifest into my life.
  • At the beginning of each month, I capture my top 3 priorities, write my goals for the month, and do a high-level tarot or oracle card reading. At the end of each month, I will check off the things I got done and then plan the next month. Very often, goals or tasks will shift to the new month to align with what really happened.
  • I write a new task list each week. 90% of these tasks directly line up with my goals for the month.
  • In June / July, I will do a mid-year review where I 1) review what goals or projects I completed; 2) identify the things I am still working on and; 3) document any pivots or changes to my plan. I will then revise my plan for the rest of the year based on this reflection process.

Planner Structure

  • Yearly
    • Yearly Layout
    • Reflection on the previous year
    • Inspiration for the year ahead
    • Goals for the year
    • Dreams and Manifestations
  • Mid-Year Review
    • Completed Projects
    • In Progress / Underway
    • Pivots
    • Additions / New Projects
    • Focus through the end of the year
    • Next 30 Days
  • Monthly
    • Monthly Snapshot
    • Monthly Goals
    • Monthly Divination
    • Weekly Task pages

Two Themes

Witchy Ostara / Easter theme

School of Wizardry theme

Where to buy this planner 

  • Witchy Ostara / Easter Theme
  • School of Wizardry Theme 

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