My Position on Human Design

My Position on Human Design

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I have been studying Human Design for a while now and I thought I would share my honest thoughts on Human Design as a tool for self-discovery. 

Before I get into it, something that I think is important to share is that I am someone who grew up in a “high-control religion” so I am not a fan of dogma and I am leery of ANYTHING that starts to feel a little bit “culty”. So I hold a lot of things “loosely” especially when it comes to spiritual tools and beliefs. I prefer to remain flexible in my thinking about everything I am passionate about. 

First, What Is Human Design

  • Human Design is a system that was created in 1992 by Alan Robert Krakower (aka Ra Uru Hu) and it brings together principles of The I Ching, Western Astrology, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to create a chart called a BodyGraph. This chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place.
  • Human Design provides a guide on how we can live in sync with our true nature. The BodyGraph reveals what aspects of our energy type, skills, and traits we should lean into to experience flow and acceptance of our true selves.
  • Human design is an experiment. Lean into it and see what happens. We can always go back to our old ways…

It’s Not the End All Be All

In my opinion, Human Design is NOT the end-all/be-all because I frankly don’t believe ANY tool that helps us understand ourselves at a deeper level is perfect. Not only that, but I believe it is really important that we don’t ALLOW these tools to put us into a box. Every individual is a dynamic person who has been born with a specific biology, in a specific environment, and has had their own life experiences that have influenced their journey to adulthood. There are so many factors that influence our personality and behavioral responses that I personally don’t think it is possible for one tool to account for every possibility.

But It’s So Dead On It’s Scary

The thing that keeps me excited about Human Design as a tool for self-awareness is the feedback I get during readings. Not only have I personally felt seen and validated by my own Human Design chart but the feedback I get during readings tells me that there is definitely SOMETHING there. 

For example, during all of my readings I will talk about the individual’s “ideal digestion” and 9 times out 10, they tell me that they are already living their life in alignment with this aspect of their chart. And knowing this can be incredibly validating. I realize this is anecdotal but it has happened often enough that it makes me think there is something to it. 

And Yet There is Confirmation Bias

I can’t go any further without mentioning confirmation bias because I am very aware of this very human tendency. 

In case you are new to this term, “confirmation bias” is the inclination to interpret new information as a confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. This is often unintentional (we aren’t aware we are doing it) but it results in all of us ignoring information that is inconsistent with our beliefs.

How this shows up in Human Design is that I gain a deep understanding of a person’s chart and then I often make connections that *confirm* that Human Design is true. That the information in this person’s chart is true. 

For example, I know my husband’s chart very well. He has channel 13/33 which is about gathering stories and information and sharing the lessons in a way that other’s understand it. My husband was a history teacher for 20 years and I think “Wow – this is a great example of how Channel 13/33 can express itself!” But then I also think…ok but there are thousands of history teachers out there and it’s unlikely that 100% of those teachers have this complete channel activated in their bodygraph chart. 

So then what is going on with the history teachers that DON’T have this channel activated? Most Human Design readers would say well then it’s coming from someplace else in the person’s chart and this may be true but this also is where dogma and rigid thinking can come in. I think when these scenarios come up there is an opportunity to be curious and flexible in our thinking. 

I honestly don’t have an answer but I think it is important to mention it.

In Summary…. 

So in summary, I am passionate about Human Design and I think it can be an amazing tool for self-discovery but I think we should be careful to not put ourselves into a box. We should always maintain our autonomy and be flexible in our thinking. 🙂 

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