Tarot Digital Stickers – Mystic Goddess Tarot Walk-Through

Mystic Goddess Digital Stickers Walk-Through

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In this post, I am going to walk through a set of tarot digital stickers deck called “the Mystic Goddess Tarot”  that is available in my shop or my Etsy shop. I also have a video walk-through of this digital sticker bundle (linked above) so you can actually see what is inside.

What you need to use digital stickers

  • An iPad or tablet
  • A digital notebook, journal, or planner
  • A stylus  – I highly recommend this generic stylus. I have three of them and they work great!
  • A note-taking app such as Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf
    • I am most familiar with Goodnotes 5. Goodnotes is a free app and you can use the app for free with the first 3 notebooks. If you create or add more than 3 notebooks that are when you pay for the app.
Tarot digital stickers

High-Level Information about these digital stickers

  • This is a full tarot deck – 78 deck
  • The digital tarot stickers are available as independent PNG files
  • The digital tarot stickers are also available pre-cropped in a Goodnotes 5 sticker book. This sticker book has hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation

What you get when you purchase the  Mystic Goddess Tarot Bundle 

A link to access all 78 PNG Files

Access to download the Goodnotes 5 Sticker book which includes the following

  • All Tarot stickers are pre-cropped and organized by the following hyperlinked tabs:
    • Major Arcana
    • Cups
    • Pentacles
    • Swords
    • Wands
    • Notes (this section is free space to write or journal)

Where to Buy the Mystic Goddess Digital Sticker Bundle

Interested in creating your own digital planners?

I learned how to create digital planners by taking a course provided by the Secret Owl Society. If you are interested in creating or designing your own digital planners I highly recommend it! 


Acknowledgments to the Artists

The art that was used to decorate this planner was found on Creative Market.

The featured image for this post is by Daniel Stanitzki. Discovered on Unsplash.com.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links on this blog post may be affiliate links that can result in small commissions & help support the site.

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