North Node Journal Prompts

North Node Journal Prompts

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If you are interested in exploring your purpose at a deeper level consider these North Node journal prompts. The information about your North Node provides helpful guidance and insights – especially when it comes to understanding when you are staying in your “comfort zone” instead of moving towards your highest potential as you journey through life.

What is the North Node in Astrology? 

  • This article assumes that you are familiar with astrological north nodes but if this is a new concept that you would like to explore, read this article first…
    • To learn more about the North Nodes and discover yours please read THIS ARTICLE


  • Grab a notebook, blank piece of paper or a journal and document the following…
    • Which zodiac sign your north node sits in using your birth information. (Refer to the article linked above if needed.) Also, note which zodiac sign represents your south node.
    • Look at your astrological natal chart at or the Lila app and find out in which house your north node is located.
    • Consider and reflect on the journal prompts listed below

North Node Journal Prompts

  • What are some specific traits or qualities associated with my North Node zodiac sign? How can I embody and cultivate these qualities in my daily life moving forward?
  • Explore the opposite sign of your North Node (the South Node). How have the qualities associated with the South Node influenced your life? How can you balance these qualities with the ones indicated by your North Node?
  • Considering my North Node sign and house placement – how do these placements resonate with my life experiences and aspirations?
  • How have I naturally expressed or leaned into the qualities of my North Node throughout my life? In what ways have I resisted or overlooked them?
  • Reflect on significant life events or experiences that have pushed you out of your comfort zone. How do these experiences relate to the lessons and growth represented by your North Node?
  • Consider the house placement of your North Node. How does this area of life present opportunities for growth and development? What steps can you take to align your actions and intentions with this area?
  • Are there any fears or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embracing the lessons of your North Node? Journal about these fears and explore ways to overcome them.
  • Identify role models or individuals who embody the qualities of your North Node sign. What can you learn from their example? How can you integrate those lessons into your own life?
  • Imagine your ideal future self, fully aligned with the lessons of your North Node. Describe this version of yourself and the life you are living. How can you take steps toward manifesting this vision?
  • Journal about any recent situations or experiences where you have felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment. How do these moments align with the qualities of your North Node?


  • It is important to note that interpretations of the North Node can vary among astrologers and different schools of astrology. Some astrologers also consider the aspects made by the North Node to other planets in the birth chart for additional insights into one’s path of growth.

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