Weekly Planner Layout with Recurring Task List

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Weekly Planner Layout with Recurring Task List

I wanted to create a one-page, weekly layout view that included a recurring task list. Here it is:

It’s worth noting that this is a layout that is for people who like to work in their planner on a daily or weekly basis.

Recurring Tasks vs. Other Task Lists

Recurring task list

  • Not intended to be a to-do list. This is a list of recurring tasks that need to occur on a monthly basis.  
  • If a task is truly recurring – it would be something you would write in your write recurring task list each and every month.

Project tasks

  • Projects are temporary so the tasks associated with them are also temporary
  • Because a project is temporary, tasks are not cyclical or recurring.

Habit Tracker tasks

  • These tasks are designed to help us establish a new behavior pattern.

Items used in the creation of this layout:

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