Open Ajna Energy Center in Human Design

Open Ajna Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the open Ajna Energy Center in Human Design. The word “open” is also known as “undefined” or “white” in Human Design. When an energy center is “open” or “undefined” it means that it is designed to be receptive and pick up on energy and information from the outside world. All open energy centers in a person’s chart present an opportunity for great wisdom and have gifts and challenges associated with them. 

Open Ajna Energy Center

The Ajna Energy Center

  • The Ajna Energy Center is the upside-down triangle located between the Crown and Throat Energy Center. It is the second energy center down from the top of the bodygraph chart.
  • This energy center is an awareness processing center.  It analyzes information and has the potential to find completion or 
  • This energy center is about opinions, thoughts, concepts, beliefs, judgments, ideas, perspectives, and points of view

The Open (or white) Ajna Energy Center

The Power of an Open Ajna 

  • For this individual, it is energetically correct for them to be open-minded and not cling to their opinions even though they may feel pressure from the outside world to hold onto opinions. They can understand beliefs and information from different perspectives and translate the answer in a way others will understand.  These people are often not interested in getting involved in political debates and feel it is a waste of energy to prove they have an opinion about something. 
  • They are capable of holding many different understandings about a situation at the same time. Their perspectives often shift and keeping things open feels better to them.
  • When someone is stuck, this person can find a new solution. 
  • IF this person is able to get their logical mind out of the way they can leverage their open ajna for psychic abilities/telepathy 
  • The only beliefs for this person to hold onto are the ones that prove valuable to them after they have followed their decision-making strategy and authority.

The Challenge of an Open Ajna

  • Because they do not have a consistent way of processing information, these individuals may feel anxiety about the flexibility of their mental processing and may feel the need to overcompensate or prove otherwise.
  • It can be hard to remember things when the open Ajna has so many concepts flowing through its mind. This person may struggle to be certain (or think they must be) and may have been told to “just decide!!” or pressured to share their opinion when they aren’t certain.
  • It benefits this person needs to write things down that they want to remember.

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