Open Crown Energy Center in Human Design

Open Crown Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the open Crown Energy Center in Human Design. The word “open” is also known as “undefined” or “white” in Human Design. When an energy center is “open” or “undefined” it means that it is designed to be receptive and pick up on energy and information from the outside world. All open energy centers in a person’s chart present an opportunity for great wisdom and have gifts and challenges associated with them. 

Open Crown Energy Center

The Crown Energy Center

  • The Crown Energy Center is the triangle located at the top of the bodygraph chart. 
  • Whether we have color in this center or not, the “pressure” from this center comes from the need to understand one’s existence in relation to the outside world.
  • This center is about inspiration and questioning things so when we are inspired, we will experience a pressure to find the answers to questions and act on dreams and ideas.

The Open (or white) Crown Energy Center

The Power of an Open Crown 

  • The power of having an open crown energy center is the potential to be a mind reader because this center is tuned into the outside world.
  • These individuals are often deeply inspired by the minds of others that are in their energy field. They can go to a coffee shop or anywhere there are people and get tons of inspiration.
  • Since these individuals will get inspiration from external sources it is energetically correct for them to seek inspiration outside of themselves.

The Challenge of an Open Crown

  • Because this person is designed to be externally inspired they may be susceptible to mental pressure seek out inspiration.
  • It is energetically correct for this person to struggle with the feeling that they don’t have the answers to their questions and may feel a need to understand things.
  • They may feel pressured to act every time they are inspired and they may feel compelled to answer other people’s questions. It is important to understand that the pressure coming from this center is not necessarily the pressure to take ACTION because if we act too quickly and try to force the manifestation of an inspired thought this often leads to unsatisfying results. Not all of the inspirations this person receives are meant for them so they should be sure to follow the right inspirations otherwise they can experience burnout. 
  • If they are feeling inspired, how will they know what inspirations to follow? They should use their personal strategy and authority to figure out what’s right for them. They should only follow the ones that truly excite them.

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