Open Energy Centers in Human Design

Open Energy Centers in Human Design

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The Human Design System is a fascinating framework that combines elements of Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system to provide insights into our unique personalities and life paths. At the heart of Human Design are energy centers which are associated with specific traits, characteristics, and energetics in the bodygraph chart. While some people have defined energy centers, others have open or undefined centers, bringing a unique dimension to their individuality.

Understanding The Energy Centers 

  • In Human Design, there are nine energy centers, each corresponding to a different aspect of our lives and personalities. These centers can be either defined or undefined, impacting how we interact with the world and others. The defined centers represent consistent and reliable sources of energy, while open or undefined centers signify areas where we are more susceptible to external influences. This article is intended to be a high-level summary of the open energy centers in Human Design

The 9 Energy Centers with their “Open” Meanings

  • The Undefined Root Center
    • There is an inconsistent (not reliable) pressure that pushes these individuals into action to get things done.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – Will experience adrenaline rushes that have the potential to propel them forward and create momentum to get things done.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – Feeling a neverending pressure to “get things done” and feeling restless.
  • The Undefined Sacral Center
    • Sensitivity to the energy of others, potential to take on the desires and needs of those around you.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – They can “borrow” sacral energy from others and be “super-charged” when they need it.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – They are not designed to work in a traditional way. They simply do not have sustainable energy within their being.
  • The Undefined Splenic Center
    • Susceptibility to fears and anxieties of others, leading to uncertainty.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – They may be medically emphatic and/or intuitive about healing. They are sensitive to what is going on physically for other people.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center -They are intuitive, but it comes in different ways, so they may not always trust it. They may also hold onto things (or people or pain, etc.) longer than you should.
  • The Undefined Solar Plexus Center
    • Absorbing and amplifying the emotions of others, potential for emotional rollercoasters.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – They can trust their insights about other people’s feelings and can gauge the truth of a situation or the feeling in the room.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – Thinking that they are experiencing their own emotions when they are really experiencing the emotions they have picked up from other people.
  • The Undefined Ego or Heart Center
    • Seeking external validation, and sensitivity to praise or criticism.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – They know what’s valuable in life and it’s not always money
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – Will power comes and goes. This individual may always feel like they are so far away from their dreams.
  • The Undefined G-Center
    • A chameleon – different environments will bring out different flavors in their personality
    • The Gift of this Open Center – Their love of life and experiences are shaped by the environments they are in. They love in multiple ways.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – They may struggle to accept love from others and feel lovable. It is easy to lose themselves in the identity of another or feel like they lack direction in life.  
  • The Undefined Throat Center
    • Potential challenges in speaking up, susceptibility to feeling silenced.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – Their gift is to speak in ways that people need to hear something best. It may be through the words that come out of their mouth, written words, or their creations.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – It may be difficult for this person to say things on demand. They are not always the best representative of their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings.
  • The Undefined Ajna Center
    • Overthinking, difficulty in reaching conclusions, and openness to diverse perspectives.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – The ability to see things from an unlimited number of perspectives and viewpoints.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – Feeling a pressure to be certain or have a firm opinion about something. 
  • The Undefined Crown or Head Center
    • Externally inspired, overwhelmed by thoughts, susceptibility to mental pressure.
    • The Gift of this Open Center – This person gets inspiration from external sources so it is energetically correct for them to seek inspiration outside of themselves.
    • The Challenge of this Open Center – They may feel an internal pressure to take action every time they are inspired.

Embracing Openness

  • Having open or undefined energy centers doesn’t imply weakness; instead, it reveals your unique set of strengths and challenges. Those with open centers possess a heightened sensitivity to the energies around them, making them adept at understanding and empathizing with others. However, individuals with open centers must establish healthy boundaries and self-awareness.

Practical Applications

  • Self-Reflection
    • Identify your open centers and reflect on how they manifest in your life.
    • Explore instances where you may absorb or amplify the energies of others.
  • Setting Boundaries
    • Establish boundaries to protect your energy, especially in areas where you are susceptible to external influences.
  • Embracing Diversity
    • Appreciate the diversity of energy expressions in others, recognizing that everyone’s design is unique.

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