Open Throat Energy Center in Human Design

Open Throat Energy Center in Human Design

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This article covers the open Throat Energy Center in Human Design. The word “open” is also known as “undefined” or “white” in Human Design. When an energy center is “open” or “undefined” it means that it is designed to be receptive and pick up on energy and information from the outside world. All open energy centers in a person’s chart present an opportunity for great wisdom and have gifts and challenges associated with them.

Open Throat Energy Center

The Throat Energy Center

  • The Throat Energy Center is the square center located between the Ajna and G-Center. It is the third energy center down from the top of the bodygraph chart.
  • This energy center is about manifestation, communication, expression, and speaking truths.

The Open (or white) Throat Energy Center

The Power of an Open Throat

  • This individual is designed to be a voice for others and this can be a powerful tool because they can advocate for others. It is difficult to live in this world with an open throat because there is often a pressure to speak your truth. But open throats are here to be oracles in a way because they are here to speak on behalf of others, they are here to channel the voice of others. They less they say or try to express themselves through the voice to more they will be understood. 
  • Because these individuals don’t have their own specific truth to speak, they should consider the other ways they can express themselves that are NOT through the voice. The more they can start leaning into these gifts the more they will be recognized, understood and heard.
    • Examples of other modalites to lean into are: writing, silence (listening and being present), dance, theater, art, and pretty much any creative pursuit.

The Challenge of an Open Throat

  • Those who have an open throat may find it difficult for you to say stuff on demand. They are not always the best representative of their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes they can but not all of the time.
  • In an argument, open-throats will want to rise above the argument and stick to objective statements. Instead of saying,  “I feel this way”, they will want to say “When x happens it makes me feel like y.”  The more objective you are able to be, the more you will be heard and understood.

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