Personality Sun Gate in Human Design

Personality Sun Gate in Human Design

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In this article, I will share my perspective on the Personality Sun Gate in the Human Design bodygraph chart. If you would like to dive deep into your chart, really understanding your Personality Sun Gate is the best place to start.  

As always, note that this article is intended to be high level – there are SO MANY layers to a Human Design chart so I do not recommend being dogmatic about incorporating this information into your life. Consider this information another level of information that may support self-awareness and understanding. 

Interested in discovering your Human Design? 

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
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Where does the Personality Sun Gate show up in the chart? 

  • In the image below you will notice that the astrological symbols for the planets and other astrological entities are located in the columns on both sides of the bodygraph chart.  Their location at the time of your birth essentially flavors how you experience your unique Human Design. 
  • Personality Sun Gate is the top number located in the Personality Side of the chart. If you are looking at the bodygraph chart you will see two columns on either side. The column on the right is the Personality side. The number at the top is your Personality Sun Gate.

What is the Personality Sun Gate in Human Design?

  • Your Personality Sun Gate is the most important gate (or gift) in your chart because it represents 70% of your energy.  Because of this, it is the most important theme or gift in your chart to understand, lean into and explore.
  • The sun is a life force and sheds light on things. Similarly, the gift or gate that you have activated in this position is the thing you are here to express or share this lifetime. 

How to work with this energy?

  • Like with all of the activated gates in our chart, we can use the energy of a gate towards ourselves (or others) in a positive or a negative way. We can also embody the energy of a gates from a place of lack and fear or we can embody it from a place of truth and abundance
  • We may also find that we shy away from the energy or shut it down because of external conditioning we have experienced. For example, if you have a creative energy in your chart but your family values logic then you may not embrace your creative gift. 
  • When it comes to the energy of your Personality Sun Gate, it is important to remember that early in your life you may see the energy as a flaw, not recognize it or embrace it. It may not ring “true” to you at all. So how do you become more familiar with this energy and integrate it? The key is to follow your Human Design Strategy and Authority. The more we live in alignment with our design, the more effortlessly we will attract and share the things that meant for us.

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