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Planets in Human Design Bodygraph Chart

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In this article, I will discuss the planets in the Human Design bodygraph chart. If you would like to dive deep into your chart, looking at the themes of the planets and the associated gates activated in your chart provides an interesting perspective. For each planet, I will share the theme and also provide an example.

As always, note that this article is intended to be high level – there are SO MANY layers to a Human Design chart so I do not recommend being dogmatic about incorporating this information into your life. Consider this information another level of information that may support self-awareness and understanding. 

Note: Chiron has intentionally been left out of this article primarily because it does not actually activate a gate in the Human Design Bodygraph chart. I will dedicate an article specifically to Chiron at a later date.  That said, I have included information about Chiron below as well as a link to another article in case you would like to explore that topic at a deeper level.

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Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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Where do the planets show up in the chart? 

In the image below you will notice that the astrological symbols for the planets and other astrological entities are located in the columns on both sides of the bodygraph chart.  Their location at the time of your birth essentially flavors how you experience your unique Human Design. 

Interested in discovering your Human Design?

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.

How to Use This Information

  • If there are any gates activated in your chart that feel elusive or disconnected to you, understanding the planetary theme associated with that energy may shed some light or provide clues to how it shows up in your life. 
  • This information can be fun to explore and reflect upon. 
  • Lastly, I highly recommend focusing on the theme of your Personality Sun Gate FIRST. The Personality Sun Gate is the first number in the column on the right-hand side of the chart. (see image below) It is said that your Personality Sun Gate is 70% of your energy so the theme or gift represented in this position is important to explore. The sun is a life force and sheds light on things. Similarly, the gift or gate that you have activated in this position is the thing you are here to express or share. 

See the image below on how to find your Personality Sun Gate in the chart

The Planets + Themes 


  • The energy of the Sun represents the gift or perspective that you are here to share or let shine through this lifetime. It is how you will express your “light” in the world.
  • Example with GATE 58
    • When Gate 58 is your Personality Sun Gate it means that you are here to fulfill your purpose by pushing to make things better, healthier, and more vital so joy in life can be experienced.


  • The energy of the Earth represents balance and grounding. It is how you will ground yourself and bring your gifts into form or reality. It is a stabilizing force.
  • Example with GATE 52
    • The energy in Gate 52 is about having a bigger perspective and gaining clarity through stillness. It empowers one to concentrate on the goal at hand and wait for the right timing to take action. This suggests that this ability to see things from a forest few and concentrate on the things they are going after will not only be a grounding force but will also be a key to turning their ideas into reality. 

North Node

  • The North Node represents the direction you are going in life – the future. Moving or leaning into the energy of the North Node is a process of letting go of what no longer serves you and keeping the things that do.
  • Example with GATE 9
    • Gate 9 is an energy marked by tenacity and an ability to focus on the meaningful details of things.  It is essentially the power of focus. As you grow and move through life, this North Node gift of persistence and determination will frame how you move forward and see the world.

South Node

  • The South Node energy represents where you came from, your gifts from the past but it also tells you the energies you should move away from this lifetime. It’s tricky finding the balance between leveraging the gifts you have and also stretching yourself outside your comfort zone toward the North Node.
  • Example with GATE 16
    • The energy in Gate 16 is courageous and it is about mastery through repetition and practice. These people are looking for the perfect way to express their expertise. As a South Node gift, you will spend much of your pre “mid-life” working towards mastering things – and it may not always be career-focused. For example, it could be the enjoyment of repetition in mastering a game you like to play.


  • The energy of the Moon represents a driving force within you that will ensure you will learn, grow, and evolve. In astrology, your “Moon sign” is the stained glass window through which your Sun Signs shines through. Similarly, the energy of the Moon in the bodygraph chart is also about reflecting the light of your inner nature. 
  • Example with GATE 12
    • Gate 12 is located in the THROAT ENERGY CENTER so it is about the ability to make an impact when speaking. They can be especially articulate when the timing is right. Those with this energy are naturally cautious and they will filter what they communicate. Because of this, sometimes they will show up as being very bold when speaking, and other times they will be more shy and reticent. The formative experiences that have instilled caution when speaking will be a driving force for growth and evolution for this person. And it is also through the voice that others will experience their inner knowing.


  • The theme of Mercury is about thinking and communication so it represents what you are here to communicate in this life. 
  • Example with GATE 38
    • The energy of Gate 38 is about seeking meaning in life through the challenges that are energetically correct. This is a gift for knowing which struggles are worth fighting for.  Others might experience this energy as fierce independence and a stubbornness to meet challenges head-on. This energy within the theme of Mercury suggests that this person will spend a fair amount of time thinking and communicating about the challenges they are working through.


  • The planet Venus is about love and beauty but it also represents setting up values and the natural laws or morals that are needed to engage with other people and the world around us.  It represents what you value, your moral questions including what is right and wrong for you.
  • Example with GATE 54
    • The energy that Gate 54 brings is ambition, the drive to ascend and new beginnings. It is the person who has the will to rise up, make money, be successful, and master life. When this energy is paired with Venus, it means that this person not only has a drive to do well in life but they have a value or moral code around this energy. Because they value ambition, they may hold themselves to a high bar and will believe that other people should be held to that bar as well.


  • Mars brings themes of immaturity, intensity, and passion – it holds a potent energy that can inspire personal transformation.  It represents what you can be intense,  passionate or immature about.
  • Example with GATE 5
    • Gate 5 brings the energy of patterns, habits, and alignment with natural rhythms. These individuals will have a natural sense of what is a good rhythm for their own life. They will have a cycle that is unique to them. When this energy pairs with Mars it suggests that the rhythm of this person’s life can be so important that they may struggle at times to be flexible and change plans quickly. On the positive side, the more they lean into their unique nature the more likely they will experience the gift of personal transformation that Mars brings.


  • The planet Jupiter in your chart represents your gifts, blessings, and potential areas of expansion and reward. These blessings will come to you when you follow your strategy and authority for your Human Design Energy type.
  • Example with GATE 63
    • Gate 63 is about validating things, asking questions, and logic to ensure the future will be secure. When paired with the theme of Jupiter, it suggests that this ability to be a good questioner and push to get an answer about things is a gift that should be embraced. This is the energy that will lead this person toward expansion and rewards in life. 


  • Saturn brings the energy of discipline and represents the challenge that you MAY need to resolve to get gifts. The more you lean into your strategy and authority the less often Saturn will bring challenges your way.
  • Example with GATE 53
    • The energy of Gate 53 is about starting new projects and new beginnings. This person wants to get things done and move things forward. When this gift is paired with Saturn, it suggests that this energy will become a challenging aspect for this person especially if they are not living in alignment with their design. The gift of kickstarting new things may be the thing that gets them through the challenges. Alternatively, they could be incredibly restless because they find themselves in a situation that cannot be resolved by leveraging this gift.


  • Uranus represents your weird, rebellious side. It brings a revolutionary energy that can be transformative.
  • Example with GATE 50
    • The energy of Gate 50 has an instinct for knowing the correct values, rules, or laws that are needed to ensure survival. They can see what is right and wrong and they are wise about which laws no longer serve the greater good and they are not afraid to challenge them when needed. When this energy is seated within the theme of Uranus, it can mean that this person’s perspective on laws is not mainstream. Maybe they are incredibly lenient or very strict in their viewpoints. They also may be a bit rebellious when it comes to rules for society and they may push boundaries wherever possible.


  • The planet Neptune represents illusion and spirituality. This energy brings us spiritual challenges and growth. The energy of any gate that sits in Neptune is going to be veiled so it is important to surrender and allow the magic of Neptune to emerge organically.
  • Example with GATE 60
    • Gate 69 brings an energy that is about accepting the limits of the traditional in a way that is resourceful and moves towards innovation. This person will have an intolerance for roadblocks and wants to make sure nothing will stand in their way. When this energy is paired with the theme of Neptune which is about spirituality and illusion, it suggests that this gift may be unrecognizable or be experienced with some resistance. 


  • Pluto represents transformation and truth. It is your truth but it also brings the potential for rebirth and transformation by revealing hidden truths that are sitting under the surface. A deep lesson within Pluto is about finding the light within dark places.
  • Example with GATE 18
    • Gate 18 brings an instinct for finding what needs to be corrected or improved so that joy in life can be restored. This individual has an intuitive understanding of what needs correcting or what is “off” in a pattern. When paired with the theme of Pluto, it suggests that this gift of finding what needs to be fixed may become a core truth in their life. Something they lean on to inspire transformation. This may also be an energy that drives their own personal transformation as well. 

A Note About Chiron

  • Chiron (aka Kiron) is a comet fragment that was discovered in the 1970’s and this comet is often associated with healing wounds. If you would like to learn more about Chiron I recommend this article by Kelsey at Learn AstroHD – CLICK HERE

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