Plant and Herb Magic – Create your own Plant and Herb Magick Journal

Plant and Herb Magic - Create your own Plant and Herb Magick Journal

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Plant and Herb Magic

In this article, I will discuss plant and herb magic through the process of creating your own journal or grimoire. I will also share some suggested prompts for this journal. 

If you would like a “done for you” Plant and Herb Magic Journal please check this one out HERE.

Why start a Plant and Herb Magic Journal?

  • Learn / study the plants and herbs as you work with them.
  • Keep all of your plant information all in one place.
  • Document your experiences

Create Your Own Plant Magick Journal with these prompts

Grab a blank notebook and use the following prompts to create your own journal or grimoire

1 – Plant or Herb name plus a description or image

2 – Plant Information to Document

  • Latin Name
  • Folk Name
  • Plant Folklore / Mythology
    • There is often some very fun and interesting information to be found about plants and the folklore surrounding them.
    • I also recommend documenting any creative or inspiring stories you find in pop culture.

3 – Correspondences to research and document for each plant

  • Gender
  • Element
  • Zodiac
  • Planet

4 – Plant Care

  • Habitat (Where found?)
  • Cultivation (How where it grows, how to care for it)

5 – Usage

  • Parts Used (Be sure to document which parts are toxic to humans and animals – if applicable)
  • Medicinal Properties
  • Aromatherapy
  • Magickal Properties

6 – Create Space to Document Your Practitioner Notes / Experiences

Where to find the Plant and Herb Magick Grimoire?

  • Plant and Herb Magick Grimoire – LINK

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