Predicting Your Menstrual Cycle with a Planner Layout

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Predicting your menstrual cycle can be tricky. In this post, I review a method that I use to track my menstrual cycle using excel or a planner layout.

Predicting Your Menstrual Cycle

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I have been tracking my menstrual cycle since 2007 and this is the layout that I use to track my cycle.

2020 Menstrual Cycle Tracker in Excel

This layout can be created in a bullet journal or DIY Planner. This layout can also be created in an excel worksheet and tracked that way as well. If you would like to watch a video on how I created this layout please click here –> LINK

Predicting Your Menstrual Cycle
Example from 2021 Bullet Journal

Why do I track my cycle?

  • I can determine the average number of days my full cycle runs.
  • When I know approximately how long my cycle lasts, I can more easily project into the future and predict when my cycle will start. This is especially useful for travel and planning trips.
  • I am able to document particular cycle related aches and pains.
  • I am able to see how my cycle falls in relationship to the New Moon and Full Moon over time.
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