Prioritizing a To Do List + a Simple Layout

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In this blog post, I walk-through prioritizing a to do list but also share a simple planner layout for a DIY Planner or Bullet Journal.

prioritizing a to do list

Prioritizing a To Do list…


  • Write down all of the things that need to be done.
    • Use this as an opportunity to brain dump all the things!


  • Next to each item on your list – think about and then write the consequences of what happens if this item does not get done.
    • Who does it impact?
    • Is there a deadline?
    • Will there be financial consequences?
    • Does this task impact anything else on your list if it doesn’t get done?


  • Re-evaluate the task list based on the exercise above and begin to pull out the items that rise to the top. Then re-write your to-do list pulling the critical items at the top of the list.

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