Digital Manifestation Notebook with Hyperlinked Tabs


Organize Your Manifestation Journal with this one digital notebook

I have done manifestation work for many years and I really needed a solution that would…
1 – Keep all my manifestation journaling in one place.

2 – Organize my manifestation work into different sections so I can easily find my current manifestation list and refer back to journaling notes etc.

3 – Allow me to have never ending pages so I don’t have to worry about multiple notebooks.

4 – Keep my journaling under a passcode – aka digital notebook on my ipad.



Manifest what you want in life with this notebook designed to support your journey no matter what manifestation thought leader you are following. This notebook provides an organized structure so you can organize your manifestation journaling and it also has layouts, tools and information to support your manifestation efforts. (To be clear, I am *NOT* a manifestation guru – I am just passionate about the topic and love to organize information in a way that might help myself and others 🙂

There are prompted pages, 11 manifestation focused tools plus divination intention setting layouts that can be used with oracle or tarot cards. There is also a “Resource” section that is designed be a mini-reference book to support your manifestation efforts. It includes information and tips in an organized format.

The intention behind this planner is to allow the user to discover what DOES or DOES NOT work for them as they are doing manifestation work. Each one of us is unique and what resonates with one – does not resonate with another. In working with this notebook, my hope is that you will try new strategies for manifestation and discover what does (or does not) work for you!


If you would like to see what is inside this Digital notebook please click here and jump to the 22 minute mark.

  • The Manifestation notebook is a tabbed digital notebook (interactive PDF file) that is designed to help you organize different aspects of manifestation journaling and note taking. This notebook also includes manifestation focused layouts, tools, prompts and resources and within the following tabbed sections:
    • CLARITY – a place to document core values and exercises around being clear on what is important to you (blank page templates only)
    • LIST – a place to capture your manifestation list including updates (blank pages + pages with prompted headers by subject)
    • VISION – a place to have a vision board, do scripting or other writing exercises, coloring with intention (Blank page with header (for a vision board if you like), 3 color with intention pages, and lined pages)
    • VIBRATION – a place use for gratitude, affirmations or power statement journaling (Lined page for Gratitude, power statements and affirmations. Then there is a Raise your Vibration Worksheet and a 3-6-9 worksheet.)
    • BLOCKS – a place to journal about and work through blocks or do shadow work. (blank page templates only)
    • ACTION – a place to write ideas for or document aligned action such as goal setting and seeing to believe (2 goal breakdown worksheets, Aligned action worksheet, goal / intention setting layout for tarot or oracle cards and a 21 day challenge)
    • MONEY – a space to document money specific plans, strategies and intentions. (blank page templates only)
    • PARTNERSHIP – a space to document relationship specific plans, strategies and intentions (blank page templates only)
    • JOURNAL – free space with 5 different page style templates.
    • RESOURCES – this space is designed to be a mini-reference book to support your manifestation efforts including ideas & tips1


  • You are currently working on manifesting things into your life and believe a tool like this might be supportive to you
  • You have a desire to learn about manifestation and want to give it a try – I have created a “Resource” section at the back of this planner that provides a wealth of information about manifestation.


  1. Instant download of the digital Manifestation Notebook that is an interactive PDF file that you can use in your favorite notetaking app. (Disclaimer: This digital notebook has only been tested on the Goodnotes 5 app)
  2. Instant access to a START HERE PDF file with instructions to help you download the planner and navigate the Goodnotes 5 app. This document also includes a link to a video walk through and the hex code colors for this planner so you can add them to your notetaking app.


  • A tablet (like an iPad)
  • A stylus (like an Apple Pencil)
  • A PDF annotation app (like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability)

NOT INCLUDED – The tablet, stylus, and apps to use this planner is NOT included.

Please Note: I’m unable to troubleshoot issues with Android users since I don’t use an Android (and I’m completely lost when it comes to using one). Sorry for the inconvenience!


  •  A digital notebook is a hyperlinked PDF that you can download onto your iPad and write on with your Apple Pencil. When you tap on the tabs, it’ll automatically take you to the page you want.
  • Digital notebooks open up a world of creativity because you can add digital stickers and photos, choose any color pens to write with, and add more pages as you need.
  • Digital notebooks are super efficient and help the environment. Instead of carrying around a physical notebook you can now have your notebook at your fingertips when you are on the go. Most note taking apps can be access on phones, tablets and computers.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll be happy to help however I can.


Because this is an instant download, this item is non-refundable. That said, it is important to me that you a smooth start and a positive experience so please contact me at to discuss a concern or unique circumstance you may have.


This is an instant download and NOT a physical product so you will not receive this product via the mail system. You will receive this digital product via email a few minutes after purchase. The email will contain a link you can click to start downloading the product right away.

– This planner is for personal use only.
– Planner files cannot be resold, shared, transferred, or redistributed.
– Because this is an instant download, this item is non-refundable.
– Be aware that colors may vary between monitors and printers.
– © All designs are copyrights of Dilisinova, LLC