Digital Planner *Undated* Monthly + Companion Notebook – Wizard Themed


The Sorcerers Undated, Monthly Digital Planner is a hyperlinked digital planner that is used on an ipad or other tablet / mobile device. This digital planner includes a Monday or Sunday start version to accommodate your preferences.  It also comes with a companion notebook with beautiful pages and hyperlinked tabs that you can customize however you wish. Lastly, this bundle includes access to 1,800 + digital stickers that match the colors and fonts in the planner.


There are 2 Planner Options Available in this Bundle

  • Option 1 – Planner with Monday Start and hyperlinked tabs organized by month. (Includes Index page to navigate to the non-monthly areas of the planner)
  • Option 2  – Planner with Sunday Start and hyperlinked tabs organized by month. (Includes Index page to navigate to the non-monthly areas of the planner)

What will you get?

When you purchase the Sorcerer’s Undated Digital Planner you will receive instant access to the items listed below via email as soon as you complete your purchase.

1 – A PDF file of the planner organized by month with Monday start (interactive PDF file) via a hyperlink and downloadable

2 – A PDF file of the planner organized by month with Sunday start (interactive PDF file) via a hyperlink and downloadable

3 – A PDF file for the Sorcerer’s Planner Companion Notebook (interactive PDF files) via a hyperlink.

4 – A Start Here PDF file with instructions to help you download the planner and navigate the Goodnotes 5 app. This document also includes the link to the shared drive where you can find all files including the digital stickers. Lastly, this document also includes the hex code colors for this planner so you can add them to your notetaking app.

What is in this Planner?

If you would like a super quick flip-through of the digital planner (organized by topic)  watch this video. If you prefer to see a FULL walk-through of this digital planner please watch this video.

This planner contains tabs on the right-hand side that are all hyperlinked so you can navigate quickly between different sections

  • This planner includes the following hyperlinked Tabs
    • *** The Monthly tab contains monthly, weekly, and daily pages plus a to-do list page.
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December
  • Index with links to the following pages
    • Wellness (3 layouts to track wellness, nutrition and fitness)
    • Money (8 layouts to support financial goals including expenses, income, debt & budget trackers + Net Worth worksheet)
    • Goals (3 layouts)
    • Magic (Adventure Log, Personality Summary Layout, Astrology Layout, Human Design Layout, 5 Tarot or Oracle Card Layouts)
    • Notebook (3 different vintage journal page styles)
    • Lists (checklist style pages)
Layouts and pages in this planner can be duplicated to accommodate your needs
This planner has been optimized to be as “lag free” as possible – please note that when you add digital stickers, graphics or images inside this planner it might become more “laggy” when you navigate between sections.

To Use This Planner You Will Need

  • A tablet (like an iPad)
  • A stylus (like an Apple Pencil)
  • A PDF annotation app (like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability)

Not Included with the Sorcerer’s Undated Digital Planner

The tablet, stylus, and apps to use this planner is NOT included.

Please Note: I’m unable to troubleshoot issues with Android users since I don’t use an Android (and I’m completely lost when it comes to using one). Sorry for the inconvenience!

What is a Digital Planner?

– A digital planner is a hyperlinked PDF that you can download onto your iPad and write on with your Apple Pencil. When you tap on the tabs, it’ll automatically take you to the page you want.
– Digital planners open up a world of creativity because you can add digital stickers and photos, choose any color pens to write with, and add more pages as you need.
– Digital planners are super efficient and help the environment. Instead of carrying around a physical planner you can now have your planner at your fingertips when you are on the go. Most note taking apps can be access on phones, tablets and computers.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll be happy to help however I can.

Return Policy for the Sorcerer’s Undated Digital Planner

Because this is an instant download, this item is non-refundable. That said, it is important to me that you a smooth start and a positive experience so please contact me at to discuss a concern or unique circumstance you may have.


This is an instant download and NOT a physical product so you will not receive this product via the mail system. You will receive this digital product via email a few minutes after purchase. The email will contain a link you can click to start downloading the product right away.

– This planner is for personal use only.
– Planner files cannot be resold, shared, transferred, or redistributed.
– Because this is an instant download, this item is non-refundable.
– Be aware that colors may vary between monitors and printers.
– © All designs are copyrights of Dilisinova, LLC