Project Planning Layout for Bullet Journal or DIY Planner

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In this post, I do a walk-through of a project planning layout for your DIY Planner or Bullet Journal.

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Project Planning Layouts in this video / blog post

  • The first layout is a worksheet to get clear on what the project is and what the tasks might be. You can then identify each task to fit in one of 6 customized categories
  • The second layout provides structure to arrange the tasks by group / category
  • If your brain likes to be able to plot things in time, the third layout provides two different  timelines options for plotting tasks.
Project Planning Layout for Your Bullet Journal or DIY Planner

Some key considerations about these layouts

  • The way I see use of this layout is that it is created at the time you need them in blank pages at the back of your planner.
  • These layouts are not based on pure project management principles
    • They do not include or consider dependencies
    • This layout is intentionally simple and high-level
  • These layouts provide structure so if structured layouts feel supportive to your process you might consider giving it a go.

What is a project?

Items used in this video

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