Human Design Arrows All Right – Quad Right Explained

Quad Right Explained

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How to know if you are a Quad Right

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – The Arrows in the bodygraph chart are VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • If all 4 of the arrows point right (see example below) then you are a “Quad Right”

Quad Right’s and Awareness

  • Quad Right’s have a passive brain that absorbs everything around them. They are here to be very receptive and take things in.
  • Their awareness is more heightened than the other variables but it may be hard for them to recognize this gift in themselves.

Designed to move in the flow of life

  • Quad Right’s may need to change how they operate in life as they begin to understand and align with their true nature
  • They are not necessarily designed to be put under a lot of pressure, but other aspects in their bodygraph chart may influence this.
  • Designed to flow with life more than other variable types because they do not need to constantly focus on patterns or processes of life.
  • They are not here to be defined by what they do in life (as Quad Left’s are). The things that a quad right does is often a medium for their creative pursuits
  • Here to be laid back (not lazy), relaxed, and “flow” in the work they do.

Quad Rights and Environment

  • Environment is particularly important for the quad right because of how sensitive they are to the information field around them.
  • They may find they are easily able to pick up on or be affected by auras, electro-magnetic fields, frequencies, vibrations, and other information in the environment.
  • Being in the right environment will support their more relaxed nature and maximize their receptivity to take in the nuances of things.

Their Gift to Others

  • They are a resource that others will tap into. It is especially ideal if they have others who are asking them questions to draw out their insights.
  • When someone randomly asks a quad right something, they will tell them exactly what they needed to know. They won’t know where it came from, but it was useful for the other. The information just appears.
  • They are here to release the information and insights they didn’t know they had inside them.

Quad Right Challenges

  • Because they are designed to be receptive and passive in a “strategic world”, they may experience challenges trying to align themselves with the way everyone else does things. It may be important to shed any external conditioning that tells them they need to operate in a specific way.
  • They are receptive (not active) so their memory may not be the best and that is ok. They may have trouble “pushing” to remember specific information that they’ve taken in. But when another asks a question – they will be able to share insights and details without knowing where it came from.
  • Quad Right’s may struggle to lean into their laid-back nature because they believe they need to be like the rest of the world. They *will* get things done, it is just that the “how” they get things done looks different. When they try to be “left” or like everyone else it will trip them up.

Tips For Quad Rights

  • Let go of trying to control your life and lean into your Strategy and Authority.
    • There is no place within a Quad Right’s cognitive architecture that allows them to control their life. They just can’t. Their strategy and authority is the only thing that will align them to the flow and connections that are energetically correct for them.
    • Live your life according to what is correct for you and the forces will be there that will draw out the awareness that makes you feel good and complete.
  • Have a creative outlet(s) to “release” your awareness
    • It is important for Quad Rights to find ways in which they release their awareness. Their awareness needs outlets.
    • If you can find the creative outlets that resonate with you, this will help you see and experience the gift’s inside yourself.
    • Other people asking you questions is a creative release so it is important to have the right people in your life.
  • Let go of trying to focus
    • Your mind is not designed to always be razor-focused on things.
    • You are here to take things in and not necessarily do something with it. You should avoid the external conditioning that you always have to do something with the information and insights you are taking in.
  • See your “Rightness” as a gift
    • It’s easy for Quad Right’s to NOT see how incredible they are. Their whole life is about finding ways to release their awareness
    • Relax into your life and try not to measure it
    • Quad Right’s are not here to push their cognition for output constantly. Things will come through you when you are relaxed and laid back

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