Queen of Wands Tarot Guide

Queen of Wands Tarot Guide

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This post is intended to be a mini Queen of Wands Tarot Guide. It is important to mention that the longer you work with the cards the more you will discover how they speak to you. For example, the Queen of Wands does have a theme and traditional meaning but I recommend leaving “space” for the card to speak to you. Over time, you may discover that the card represents unique insights or themes for you personally.

Suit of Wands Summary

Queen of Wands Tarot – Upright Meaning

  • As a person
    • Fire + Water
    • This is a person that has inner confidence and a strong knowing about things. She owns who she is and struggles to balance her energy and intensity. She believes something is wrong if she is not always hustling.
    • She holds the power of attraction and is someone who brings out the best in others by inspiring them in some way. She is a great mentor to anyone who is going after their aspirations.
    • A hearth witch who is down to earth and loves communing with nature and animals.
    • The most caring and giving of all the queens. She is not too emotional or cold.
    • Other characteristics are: strong willed, virtuous, clear thinker, ambitious, strong judgment, good planner, individualistic, honorable, temperamental and hot headed when angered.
  • Figurative meaning
    • Aries, Leo or Sagittarius
    • Being in a happy or joyful frame of mind. Feeling alive and focusing on passions. Loving, full of good energy. 
    • The querent will be accomplishing goals with little effort. They should know the universe is behind them. 
    • Represents mastery of all things related to the mental plane. 

Multiple Queens showing up in a reading

  • Two Queens appearing in a spread for a female querent means they have direct competition from another female.
  • Two Queens appearing in a spread for a male querent means he has strong female allies in the situation.
  • Three Queens in a reading may represent a female alliance or a group of females. 
  • Four Queens in a reading suggests women’s interest, feminism, or  female authority.

Shadow Side of the Queen of Wands

  • As a person
    • A woman who is in a submissive or yielding position. She is yielding herself to others in some way. 
    • Can represent an older, nurturing woman in the querent’s life with whom they argue frequently. It can also represent a woman in the querent’s life who is showing up as a negative influence. 
  • Figurative meaning
    • The querent is avoiding confrontation and allowing fear to control them. They are in a passive position. 
    • Excitement becomes hatred, wonder becomes bitterness, and delightment sours.
    • Questions to consider
      • Do you express anger in a healthy way or do you let things get out of control?
      • Are you willing to tear down others to get what you want?
      • Have you found the right channels through which to express your passion?

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