Relationships and Human Design – How I use Human Design in my Relationships

Relationships and Human Design - How I use Human Design in my Relationships

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The three ways that I like to use human design in my relationships are 1) having a general understanding of how somebody else is showing up energetically and how that can be useful. 2) I support other people in my life when they’re making decisions using information that I get from their charts.  And 3) Human Design has shown me when I need alone time.

An Outline of the video linked above including Time Stamps 

  • Understanding how others show up energetically – An example with my sister’s chart next to my own (01:00)
  • Supporting other people with their decision-making process (4:33)
  • Knowing when I need to be alone (7:04)

Understanding How Others Show Up 

  • My sister has all energy centers defined (or colored) in her Human Design bodygraph chart (see image above). This is very rare and it means that you have your own “stuff” going on there. You have a buffer to the outside world and you are designed to NOT be easily influenced by other people. You will be living from your own energetics vs. picking up from other people and the world around you.
  • Have you ever heard of Spider-Man movies where they say with great power comes great responsibility? Well, people who are walking around with all of these energy centers defined are very powerful in a way because they are designed to be very self-reliant on their own energetics as they move through the world. And people who have a lot of open or white energy centers will likely pick up on something when this person walks in a room (even if they aren’t exactly sure of WHAT they are picking up on exactly).
  • My sister presents is very confident. She presents like she’s not concerned about what’s going on with other people, and now I understand that this is not coming from a selfish place. It’s that her awareness of the vibes in the room is more diminished. She isn’t picking up on the energy in the room much and she is DESIGNED this way. It is important to why she is here. This understanding has allowed me to extend her more grace, whereas, prior to understanding her chart I was completely perplexed about what was going on with her. 

Supporting Others Decision-Making Process

  • My son is a splenic manifestor which means that he has splenic authority. If you are new here – “authority” refers to how we are designed to make decisions. How our intuition speaks to us to tell us if a thing is right or wrong for us. 
  • And because my son is a manifestor with splenic authority, I found this information to be very useful when it comes to helping him make especially big life decisions. Here is an example. A few years ago, he was trying to decide what he wanted to do about college. Did he want to stay at home and go to school? Did he want to move away and move out of the house to a different school? 
  • I understood his splenic authority, his intuition speaks to him through the language of fear and anxiety 
  • So, when I was talking to him about this decision, I asked him some questions. I said, “Okay, does the idea of moving away and living on your own and going to school, is it exciting, but scary? Or, do you get a sick feeling in your belly, ugh, yucky, feeling scary?” Because this is how the spleen talks. It’s either going to be this feeling of, “Ooh, this is exciting, but still kind of scary” which is a YES.  and then a NO for the splenic authority is going to be this sick feeling, “I smell a rat”,  something is not right, scary. 

Knowing When Alone Time is Needed

  • I also use human design to give me a better sense of when I need to be alone and in my own aura especially when it comes to my relationship with my husband. So, in this slide above you will see my chart on the left-hand side and my husband’s chart on the right-hand side. What is important here is that we both have open Solar Plexus Energy Centers (aka the emotional center). When you have an open emotional center,  it generally means you’re natural state is to be calm, cool, and collected because your emotions are externally inspired. They come from outside you – you experience them by picking up on other people’s emotions or something happens to spark emotion.
  • When two people are within several feet of each other they pick up on what is going on energetically with the other person through their open or white energy centers. And for two people who have open emotional centers, they can become like mirrors and they can reflect back what the other is experiencing. 
  • For example, if my husband comes home and he’s picked up an emotion from someone or something has happened to inspire an emotion, I will pick it up with my open emotional center. When I pick up on it, my open emotional center will amplify it, and then ping it back to him. Then he’s going to amplify it again and so, in this way, it can be a never-ending pinging back and forth. It becomes a really intense and uncomfortable situation..
  • So what I have learned to do in my relationship, is if one of us is experiencing an intense emotion it is more productive to create space and be alone for several minutes to “clear out” the energy I picked up.  When I come back to talk, I will often keep a physical distance so I am not picking up the energy all over again.

How to Find Your Human Design Chart 

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.

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