Roterunner Purpose Planner Walk-Through

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Roterunner Purpose Planner Features

  • This planner comes sealed
  • 3 color options – turquoise, red or blue
  • Hardcover or soft cover option
  • Dimensions: 7.5” x ~10” and a little more than half inch thick
  • Look and feel of a Moleskine notebook
  • Pages are numbered (208 pages)
  • Inspirational quotes included throughout
  • Undated planner so you can start anytime
  • Includes templates to plan for a 6 months (this is NOT a 12 month planner)
  • Two different color ribbon bookmarks
  • Back pocket
  • All pages have dotted grid as back drop

Structure of the Roterunner Purpose Planner

  • This planner includes the following sections
    • Contents page (allows for easier navigation)
Contents Page for Navigation
  • Notes Index (if you enter titles and pages for notes this will also assist with navigation)
Notes Index
  • Roterunner Productivity tips
Productivity Tips
  • Roles and Goals
    • Thinking about your goals through the lens of the different “roles” or the hats you wear in life. Six pages for 6 different roles .
    • Document WHY this role is important
    • Set SMART goals
    • Break these goals down into actions or habits (monthly, weekly)
6 Month Roles & Goals
  • Annual Overview
Annual Overview
  • Monthly Calendar View
    • Blank Calendar Layout – set up dates, appointments and activities
    • Goals and priorities for the month
      • Connect to goals you identified in the previous section and translate to this monthly dashboard
      • Categories for priority actions includes – Work & Career, Home & Admin, Friends & Networks, Projects & Passion, Fun & Activities, Health & HabitsMonthly reflection at bottom
    • Monthly reflections at the bottom
      • Goals Achieved & Progress Made
      • Memories created
      • Things I can do better
      • Learning & Insights
      • Reasons To Be Grateful
      • My Strengths & Affirmations
Monthly View
  • Weekly dashboard (5 for each month)
    • Day of the week in columns
    • Time bar at side
    • Includes small writing space across bottom to log breakfast, lunch and dinner information for each day of the week.
    • The 4 Priority task quadrants (top left)
      • Space to write and check off or migrate tasks.
      • Categories include Work & Career, Home & Admin, Friends & Networks, Projects & Passion
    • Bottom Row (sections to write in)
      • Notes, Ideas and Acts of Kindness
      • Self Care and Fitness (short row for 5 days of week)
      • 7 Daily Habits (Habit tracker with 7 rows and circle for each day of the week)
      • Sleep Tracker (Create a bar graph of your hours of sleep that week)
      • “To Buy”
      • “Not to do list”
Weekly View
  • Blank Pages
    • All blank pages are dotted grids
    • Two blank pages between each weekly dashboard
    • About 35 – 40 blank pages at the end (pages 164 – 201)
  • Appendix / User Guide in back
  • Self-Care Checklist

You might like this planner if you….

  • Would like to start your planner anytime you want
  • Prefer undated planners
  • Have very specific goals or projects you are working on and would like to accomplish within 6 months
  • Want to track habits and want space for reflection in addition to working on goals
  • Would prefer enough structure to help you take high level goals and break them down into monthly and weekly tasks.
  • Like the look and feel of Moleskine notebooks (paid link)
  • Prefer having plenty of blank pages (dotted grid)
  • Don’t mind a plain aesthetic that has no decoration (or you prefer to decorate yourself)

This planner may not work for you if you prefer a planner that…

  • Represents a full calendar year (12 months)
  • Is pre-dated and doesn’t require any setup
  • Simply allows scheduling / tracking of appointments, activities and events
  • Doesn’t have a lot of extra, templates, writing spaces – “bells and whistles”
  • Is beautiful to look at and write in

Where to buy this planner

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