Scorpio North Node Meaning

Scorpio North Node Meaning

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In this article, I will share practical information about the Scorpio North Node. Specifically, the energetics or behaviors you should lean into this lifetime to realize personal growth and success.

What is the North Node in Astrology? 

  • In astrology, the North Node is also known as the True Node or the “Dragon’s Head”. It is an important point in the astrological birth chart that represents your  karmic path and spiritual evolution this lifetimes. 
  • The North Node is always directly opposite the South Node, or the “Dragon’s Tail”. The North and South Nodes are not physical celestial bodies like the planets but they are calculated points in the chart based on the orbit of the Moon.

How to know what your North Node is?

  • Check out my article titled “North Node and Your Purpose” to discover your North Node based on your birth information – CLICK HERE

What Does the North Node Tell Us?

  • The North Node is about moving outside of our comfort zone and represents the lessons, experiences, and qualities that we need to develop and embrace in this lifetime. It is the direction we need to go that will bring personal growth and fulfillment. The North Node placement in the birth chart tells you which area of life and the specific qualities you should focus on to experience spiritual growth.
  • The sign and house placement of the North Node provide insights into the challenges and opportunities that you may encounter during your life. The sign indicates the qualities or traits to develop, while the house represents the area of life where these lessons will be most prominent. For example, if your North Node is in Aries in the 7th house, you may need to develop independence, assertiveness, and courage in your relationships.

North Node Scorpio “Comfort Zone”

Your “comfort zone” – Clues you are leaning into your South Node

  • Overindulging on food, money, and hoarding possessions.
  • Working so hard that you burn out
  • Preferring to remain in your comfort zone.
  • Trouble letting go of things including nostalgic items from the past or specific people and relationships.

Lean into your North Node this lifetime to bring success

  • Focusing your energy on the spiritual richness in life and less on material possessions. Let go of the things that society says are important – money and material things.
  • Embracing the unknown and exploring your spiritual connection with the universe and higher powers. Delve into the occult, spirituality, power dynamics, sex, and psychology.
  • Speak your truth
  • Allowing others to help you and to take care of you (especially material assistance). It is your turn to be taken care of by those who are in a position to do so.
  • You will achieve your north node through relationships
  • Move towards spiritual fulfillment in this lifetime.
  • Don’t choose your career or job based on money or the material comfort it might bring you.
  • Grow spiritually and feel connected to something bigger than yourself. 


  • It is important to note that interpretations of the North Node can vary among astrologers and different schools of astrology. Some astrologers also consider the aspects made by the North Node to other planets in the birth chart for additional insights into one’s path of growth.

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