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Seven of Cups Tarot Guide

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This post is intended to be a mini Seven of Cups Tarot Guide. It is important to mention that the longer you work with the cards the more you will discover how they speak to you. For example, the Seven of Cups does have a theme and traditional meaning but I recommend leaving “space” for the card to speak to you. Over time, you may discover that the card represents unique insights or themes for you personally.

Suit of Cups Summary

Numerology of the #7 – Themes

  • Number 7 energy is about the ‘Collective Consciousness’, spirituality, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, psychic abilities, esoteric knowledge, introspection, eccentricity, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance, and perseverance.   
  • Positive energies of the number 7 – Inventor, eccentric, thoughtful, spiritual, psychic, natural healer, inner-strength, quick-thinker, wise, discerning, understanding of others, philosophical, endurance, deep contemplation, solitary, independent, mystic,  determination, individualist, knowledge-seeking, non-conformist.
  • Negative energies are depression, inactivity, pessimistic, dependency and codependency, stagnation, lack of persistence, pride, narrow-mindedness, distance, being argumentative, misanthropic, resentment, self-righteousness, unwilling and/or unable to share ideas and compromise, limitations and silence.

Seven of Cups Tarot – Upright Meaning

  • Represents Venus, Fixed / Scorpio energy. 
  • The 7 of Cups represents temptations and possibilities – both good and bad. These temptations are related to the physical plane and the querent is having a hard time choosing which path to take. Because there are pipe dreams and illusions in these possibilities the querent should not choose ANY of the options.  They are barking up the wrong tree and are confused. Wishful thinking and pipe dreams are clouding decisions. 
  • Experiencing chicken little syndrome.
  • Symbolically, the 7 of Cups represents seven of the Major Arcana Cards

Shadow Side of the Seven of Cups

  • The 7 of Cups reversed is a good omen because it indicates that the querent has made or will make a decision and it is the right one. They are closer to reaching their goals.
  • This card also suggests that the querent is being prepared for the journey ahead into the 8 of Cups where they will release material pleasure and embrace a higher, spiritual path.

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