Simple Weekly Goals Planner Layout

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In the video linked above, I walk-through a simple weekly goals setting spread across two pages in an extra -large size moleskin notebook. This is perfect layout for those who would like to set goals on a weekly basis.

Simple Weekly Goals Planner Layout

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Simple weekly goals layout

This Weekly Layout (2-page spread) includes the following sections:

  • Space to write 5 goals for each week
  • Space to break each goal down into parts / tasks that can be completed
  • Another option – You can also migrate goals or their tasks to the next week if they have not been completed

Items used in the creation of this layout:

  • XL Moleskine Notebook (squared/grid) 7.5 x 9.5
  • Morefone Calligraphy Pens (No bleed)
  • Zebra M301 7mm Mechanical Pencil
  • Crayola Super Tips Marker Set Washable
  • Phone Ring Light Overhead Mount
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