17 - The Star Tarot Card Meaning

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Star Tarot Card Meaning

This post explores the Star Tarot Meaning. The featured deck is Rider-Waite Tarot Deck by Pamela Coleman Smith (paid link)

Astrology:  Gemini

Element: Air

Hermetic Kabbalah Element: 28 – Tzaddi


  • Inspiration, hope, healing, guidance, and good health.
  • Improvement and moving forward into the Sun.
  • Spiritual guidance and gifts from beyond the self. Higher Self. Universal consciousness.
  • Blessed, receiving gifts and blessings

Star Tarot Card Meaning – In a Reading

  • Time to move forward. 
  • After the shock and crumble of the Tower, comes healing and finding a new direction with hope and optimism.
  • The Star is about learning to trust life again and finding solace, hope, and guidance from within or from people around you.
  • It is now time to start starring in your own life especially if you have been hiding or laying low.
  • There is hope even in this dark situation you may find yourself in
  • A time for self-reflection – what are you wishing or praying will happen? Where are you blessed?
  • Are you down on your knees asking for guidance? What you are seeking to know will be revealed.
  • A time to engage your spiritual practices or rituals.
  • In what ways do you feel vulnerable (naked) – especially in being honest about what you need and who you are?
  • Calling us to step into our authentic selves
  • Can indicate that the goals you are currently working on will be successful.
  • You are on the right path and the foundations are solid.

Symbolism in card

  • A naked woman on bending knee pouring water onto the land = Aquarius energy (water bearer) – renewal, inspiration, hope, confidence, hope, beauty, inspiration, energy of the universe, she leads us to our best selves.
  • She is gazing into the water = stirring the pool of the universal mind
  • Rippling pool = magical waters of the universal consciousness
  • 8’s in this card
    • Card #17 – 1 +7 =8
    • This is the same woman from the Strength card (8). She has demonstrated physical strength and now we encounter spiritual strength.
    • 8 stars
    • 8 = infinity symbols as in the Strength card

High expression

  • Trusting that you are on the right path and will have exactly what you want.
  • Keeping eyes dead ahead and moving forward. You will achieve your goals.
  • Tapping into spiritual gifts and rituals

Shadow side

  • On the wrong path – tap into spiritual gifts and self-reflection to put things into perspective so you can pivot appropriately.
  • Pessimistic attitude – not even going after something or starting a project because you think it won’t work or be successful
  • Feeling hopelessness and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Magical uses

  • Use the Star card to expand your receive all gifts, requested and unexpected.
  • Leverage water magic in your rituals and spells
  • Meditation to commune with higher-self
Star Tarot Card Meaning
The Star from Tarot of Pagan Cats Deck (paid link)

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