Start a Tarot Journal Plus Tips for Reading Tarot Cards

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How to Study Tarot Cards

This article covers how to start a Tarot Journal including tips for reading tarot cards.  I will also include a link to a “done for you” Tarot Card Journal and a short list of my favorite tarot decks.

Getting Started with Tarot Cards – For Beginners

  • Start with a deck that is more traditional like the Rider-Waite-Smith deck or the Modern Witch Tarot Deck
  • Pull one card a day
  • Start with upright meanings
  • Contemplate or tune into the card – the art, image, colors & symbols
  • Get to know the symbols, numerology, zodiac, planets and elements
  • Document your experiences

7 Tips for Reading Tarot Cards

  • Each deck has its own special magick – treat it well, put in a magick pouch or box.
  • Don’t only rely solely on the guidebook and try not to overthink your impressions.
  • Infuse each card / deck with your energy – play with them or carry them around.
  • Shuffle well and shuffle until they “stick” or feel resistant to more shuffling.
  • When you pull a card, don’t look at the guide book right away – sit with the card.
    • What comes to your mind? 
    • How do you feel? 
    • What does your intuition tell you?
  • It is easier to read for other people than It Is to read for yourself.
  • Court Cards – Think of someone who fits the description to help memorize their meaning

8 Tarot Journal Prompts

  • Card Name
  • Upright Meaning
    • 3-5 Keywords for the traditional upright meaning
  • Reversed Meaning
    • 3-5 Keywords for the traditional reversed meaning
  • Symbols in the card
    • Document the colors and images
  • Correspondances
    • Number / Numerological association
    • Element (Earth, Fire, Air, Water)
    • Planet (Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn etc.)
    • Zodiac Sign (Gemini, Aries, Libra, Capricorn etc.)
    • Hermetic Kabbalah Element
  • Upright Meaning
    • Full description of the traditional upright meaning – What does the guidebook say?
  • Reversed Meaning
    • Full description of the traditional reversed meaning – What does the guidebook say?
  • Magickal Uses
    • Do research on using tarot cards for intention setting or magick. I will have an article about this topic very soon.
  • Practitioner Notes / Experiences
    • By documenting your experiences with each card you will start to understand how the energies show up in your life. For example, the Tower card doesn’t always show up as dramatically as you might think and this is reassuring!

Where to find the Tarot Card Journal / Grimoire

  • Tarot Card Journal / Grimoire – LINK

A List of My Favorite Tarot Decks

  • Light Seer’s Tarot Deck – LINK
  • Tarot of Pagan Cats – LINK
  • Tarot Familiars – LINK

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