Story of Cups Tarot

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In this article, I share the “story of cups” so this is a quick and simple post!  

The story within the Suit of Cups is about a journey to love, peace, and harmony.  The element associated with this suit is water which is also about emotions so we often see imagery that evokes emotions in these cards such as memories, abundance, nostalgia, spirituality, and harmony.

Suit of Cups Summary

The Story of Cups

  • ACE – We experience an abundance of love
  • TWO –  Then we experience love with other people
  • THREE –  Then we celebrate together
  • FOUR – The party ends and it’s time for self-reflection
  • FIVE – We find ourselves focusing on what has been lost and not seeing the good that we have left
  • SIX – Memories and nostalgia from the past keeps us grounded
  • SEVEN – Opportunities arise that become temptation
  • EIGHT – We are reminded to pursue and seek higher spiritual gifts
  • NINE – Because this is where we will find peace and harmony
  • TEN –  …and we will experience harmony in our world
Story of Cups Video

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The featured image is created by Oriol Pascual on Unsplash


Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth by Benebell Wenn


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