The Story of Swords in Tarot

Story of Swords Tarot

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Story of Swords

The Story of Swords Suit in Tarot

In this article, I share the “story of swords” so this is a quick and simple post!  

Have you ever wondered why the imagery in the sword’s tarot cards is often intense and violent?  The Suit of Swords in tarot is about ideas and the mental plane but it is also about the journey of a king. And the journey to be a king is filled with difficult decisions, betrayal, and conflict.   

Back in the 2000’s,  it was almost guaranteed to see the 8 of Swords in my spread every time I did a reading. It happened so often that it became funny in a dark humor sorta way.  Luckily, I rarely see the 8 of Swords nowadays so I must not be putting myself in a mental prison as much.

The Story of Swords

  • ACE – Some are destined to be a king
  • TWO –  Difficult decisions are required to be king
  • THREE –  The journey will include conflict
  • FOUR – Rest is needed after challenges and conflicts
  • FIVE – A return to conflict, when we win, the other loses
  • SIX – Karma of the king – He finds healing and escapes regrets
  • SEVEN – Others are at fault; There is a perceived need to use deceit as a protective shield
  • EIGHT – Self-deception becomes a mental prison
  • NINE – Difficulty letting go of deceit and negative thinking
  • TEN –  Defeat – a king “lives by the sword and dies by the sword”
The Story of Swords with the Tarot of Pagan Cats by Lo Scarabeo

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