The Story of Wands in Tarot

Story of WandsTarot

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In this article, I share the “story of wands” so this is a quick and simple post!  

The story within the Suit of Wands is about a journey to success and innovation. The imagery in the suit of Wands is often very fiery with bright colors like orange and red. And because this suit is all about work, ambition, and willpower the images often depict themes like effort, success, and collaboration.

Suit of Wands Summary

The Story of Wands

  • ACE – There is an opportunity for innovation
  • TWO –  A time to consider possibilities and seek advancement
  • THREE –  Drive, perseverance, and doing the work. Waiting for the outcome of your efforts
  • FOUR – Success brings peace, balance, and harmony.
  • FIVE – Peace is fleeting and motivation shifts to competition with others.
  • SIX – Resolving tension will facilitate desired outcomes
  • SEVEN – Calming tensions may require taking a stand or drawing a line in the sand
  • EIGHT – Goals are reached and creativity thrives again
  • NINE – Your success breeds envy and there is a need to protect what is yours
  • TEN –  Success can come with a heavy price.

Links to Articles Dedicated to Each Tarot Card in this Suit

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