What if my Human Design Chart Don’t Resonate with Me?

If you have read descriptions of your Human Design chart and some of it just doesn’t resonate with you…you are not alone. There are aspects of my own chart that feel a little foreign to me as well. This is very normal and it is important to keep in mind that there is not one […]

The Energy Center Types in Human Design

Energy Center Types Pressure Center(s) The Crown (Head) and Root Centers are both pressure centers. This type of center will exert pressure by releasing information into the flow of the chart For example, when we are inspired by a great idea (Crown) we may feel a pressure to create. Similarly, the Root offers us the […]

1 – Magician Tarot Card Meaning

1 - The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

This post covers the Magician Tarot Card Meaning in the traditional tarot deck. Featured card is from the Tarot Apokalypsis deck Planet: Mercury (Individual mind, intellect and reason) Elemental: Air –  (Thought, spoken and written communication, strife and conflict, expressions of the mind, logic and rationality, fairness, inquisitiveness, cleverness, nervousness, impersonal) Hermetic Kabbalah Element – 12 […]

Energy Type in Human Design

If you don’t know your Human Design energy type go to myhumandesign.com. Put in your birth details to generate your Human Design Bodygraph chart. Energy Type – Aura The aura or energy field that surrounds our physical body extends about 2 -3 feet around us and interacts with the outside world including the energy of […]