Projector Survival Tips

The Projector Survival tips in this post are intended to be a quick and concise summary of helpful information for Projectors. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK. If you would like a free download of the information provided in this post please go […]

Mental Authority Explained

The Ajna-Center-with-Gates-Image

In this post, I provide high level information on Mental Authority in the Human Design system. What is “Authority” in Human Design? In Human Design, “authority” is how we gain clarity to make decisions.  Think “BIG” decisions – not every little decision you need to make throughout a day. Big decisions = how important is […]

Projector Energy Type in Human Design

This post describes the Projector Energy Type at a high level. What is an energy type in Human Design? Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design. It shows how we are supposed to exchange energy with the world around us (everything in life is an energetic trade). Each energy […]