Reflector Survival Tips

The Reflector Survival tips provided in this post are intended to be a quick and concise summary of helpful information for Reflectors. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK. Reflector Survival Guide Reflector Survival Tips 1 – Reflector Survival Tips for leaning into your […]

No Internal Authority Explained

What is “Authority” in Human Design? How do I know what my “Authority” is? You can discover your Human Design Authority type for FREE by going to myhumandesign and putting in your birth date, birth time and birth location. When you put in this information you bodygraph chart that includes a bunch of information including […]

Reflector Energy Type in Human Design

This post describes the Reflector Energy Type at a high level. What is an energy type in Human Design? A Reflector’s Human Design Chart The Reflector Energy Type Energetic Aura Strategy for the Reflector Energy Type Reflector Reflection Journal Reflector Signature The Reflector Not-Self Theme Reflector Survival Guide Common Challenges for Reflectors A Few Practical […]