Productivity and Environment – Through the Lens of Human Design

This post covers how environment can impact productivity through the lens of Human Design. If you don’t feel productive consider how your relationship with your environment might impact your ability to get all the things done.  Thriving in structured environment looks like…. Working and eating in a dedicated work space everyday (e.g. a dedicated office […]

Human Design Arrow Guide – Part 3

Arrow #3 – Perspective This post discusses the Human Design Arrow – specifically Arrow #3. Introduction to the 4 Transformations When you look at your human design chart you will see four arrows at the top. (Get your free chart here). These 4 arrows represent the Four Transformations: digestion, environment, awareness, and perspective.  In a […]

Bodygraph Chart Arrows

Bodygraph Chart Arrows in the Human Design Bodygraph Chart Arrows – The Basics Arrows contain so much information at a deep level so this is a high level summary. (I recommend scheduling a human design reading with your favorite reader to get more information about your arrows.) Arrows contain information based on the direction they […]