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Tarot Card Meanings - The 6 of Swords, Wands, Cups and Coins

The 6’s Tarot Card Meaning. This is a post covering the suit of 6’s in the traditional tarot card deck.

The 6’s Tarot Card Summary

ThemesIntellect, ideas, and scienceStrength, will and ambitionEmotions, creativity & renewalWealth, health & abundance
AstrologyGemini, Aquarius, LibraAries, Leo, SagittariusCancer, Pisces, ScorpioCapricorn, Taurus, Virgo
6’s – Card MeaningsMoving from a bad place to a good placeVictory; Positive omen despite challenges.Generosity; good home; happy memoriesWealth to share; Money is energetic currency – keep it flowing

Numerology of the #6 (Themes)

  • Number 6 energy is about reconciliation, intellectual creativity, the ability to use imagination & the intellect combined, union, love, perfection, relations, and taking responsibility for choices.
  • Positive energies of the number 6 – Domestic / home, responsible, caring, conventional, provider, protector, healer, idealistic, selfless, honest, charitable, faithful, nurturer, truth, order, emotional depth, curiosity, love of home and family, humanitarian, service, unselfishness, balance, peaceful, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, grace, simplicity, ability to compromise, tolerant, reliable.
  • Negative energies are disconnection, lack of awareness, hypocritical, impractical, superiority complex, impractical, submissive, shallowness, restlessness, selfishness, weak-willed, unsupportive, easily stressed.



  • Themes – Intellect, ideas, science, unemotional, bold, calculations
  • Element – Air
  • Astrology Signs – Gemini, Aquarius, Libra
  • Direction – East

6 of Swords Meaning

  • 6’s are associated with the Sun card so are “good”
  • Fixed / Aquarius energy 
  • Complete set, the sun, harmony, power of rational mind over irrational thoughts. 
  • Move from a bad place to a good place. Moving toward the sun. You have been through the worst and are now getting out. 
  • Search for truth. The Sun manifests in the decision process; good decision even though the card may look depressing. Coming out of challenging times / choppy waters. 
  • Card of science and mental perfection in some way. Perfectly understanding a subject in a way that implies mental healing and understanding. Logic and reason are at their pinnacle here.

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Wands / Batons

Wands / Batons

  • Themes – Inspiration, primal energy determination, strength, will, ambition.
  • Element – Fire
  • Astrology Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Direction – South

6 of Wands / Batons Meaning

  • 6s are associated with the Sun card so are “good”
  • Fixed / Leo energy
  • Positive omen, despite challenges. Harmonious completion, despite challenges. The querent will overcome and see results. Victory is already yours. 
  • Rapid changes are coming due to your efforts; the success that you want is near. Claim it. 
  • A time for recognition and accolades, be open to receiving blessings in any form. Show gratitude every step of the way. Life will begin to move forward. 
  • You are stronger than you think. As you continue to overcome, don’t forget to rest. Bet on yourself. 
  • Good things are going to be said about you. Don’t forget your roots and how far you have come. 
  • Victory – the complete and perfect manifestation of your will into reality so the victory here would be that of the human mind over the physical world.

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  • Themes – emotions, love, healing, renewal, creativity, divination, intuition
  • Element – Water
  • Astrology Signs – Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio
  • Direction – West

6 of Cups Meaning

  • 6’s are associated with the Sun card so are “good
  • Fixed / Scorpio energy
  • Generosity, happy memories, good home and surroundings. 
  • Nostalgia and pleasure. 
  • Unconditional love. 
  • Child-like joy and enthusiasm. 
  • Inner child.

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Pentacles / Coins

Pentacles / Coins

  • Themes – Corporeal, finances, practicality, grounding, health, wealth, manifestation
  • Element – Earth
  • Astrology Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
  • Direction – North

6 of Pentacles Meaning

  • 6’s are associated with the Sun card so are “good”
  • Fixed / Taurus energy
  • Generosity. Wealth to share. Take generosity if offered. 
  • Equality, reciprocity in a relationship. 
  • Everything and everyone provides a lesson – pay attention. How are you in a position to give back and help? Money is an energetic currency. Keep it flowing. 
  • You have something that the world needs; Don’t be shy: promote yourself. You are about to acquire a teacher.  Having everything in order and juggling matters on the physical plane successfully; balanced manifestation.

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